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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints issued a statement Monday regarding a survey circulating among its missionaries.

The church said it created the survey to “better understand the day-to-day experiences and perceptions of missionaries” and “identify areas or circumstances where missionary safety may be at the greatest risk.”

It will use the results of the survey to “review and modify” the already existing missionary safety guidelines and instructions.

“The safety of missionaries is of great importance to the Church. Missionaries are taught principles to keep themselves safe, and in areas where missionary safety may be at risk, we may alter assignments or provide them with more specific guidelines to enhance their safety,” said LDS church spokesman Eric Hawkins.

“This survey is to help us better understand the day-to-day experiences and perceptions of missionaries around the world related to physical safety. The questions from this confidential survey are detailed and specific. It is being sent to each of our young missionaries around the world. We want to understand the risks to safety our missionaries experience or perceive,” he said.

The church did not specify if one singular event led to the survey, but muggings, terrorist attacks and disease outbreaks have affected missionaries in recent months.

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