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Who are you?  I mean, who are you really?  Can you feel the brilliance of your being, knowing that you are literally a shining piece of forever with endless possibilities? Or do you feel like something less than that?

Incredible Awareness

Many years ago, I was taught a profound truth,

I had experienced a frustrating evening with my 3-year-old. I had become exasperated with him, and lost my temper.   That night as I said my prayers, I asked Heavenly Father to forgive me. I told him that I didn’t want to be angry like that. I didn’t like “me” that way.

The following morning, I had an enlightening experience.  I awakened before sun-up hearing a penetrating voice in my mind saying, “Anne, That’s not the Real You! (Referring to my angry self the night before) “The Real You is the way you want to be!

I then pondered, “What is the way I want to be?”  “Well”, I reasoned, “I want to be joyful, patient, loving, etc.” Then it hit me, “That must mean that the Real Me is already those things! What a revelation!  God knew that deep down I was the person I wanted to be.

I was also taught at that time that the higher our spiritual resonance becomes in this realm, the more we are acting like our “real selves,” and the lower the resonance, the less we are like our real selves.

Spiritual DNA

Jesus taught that “The kingdom of God is within you.”[1]  He also explained that “I am the true light that is in you, and you are in me; otherwise you could not abound.”[2] We have divinity and light in our spiritual DNA!  Light is an inherent part of our divine make-up as is Truth, Alive-ness, Knowledge and Power [3] When we strive to reach these divine levels, we begin to become spiritually authentic.


Ava Holley received an extraordinary insight into what her true nature is.

She writes,

“One night as I was leaving the Provo Temple, I looked over the valley landscape and was feeling very at peace with myself. I looked up into the Heavens and heard the spirit whisper to me, ‘As you come to know yourself, you will come to know your God. And as you come to know our God, you will come to know yourself.’

“I have reflected on that experience many times as I’ve grown and changed. I know that with growth, I have come to know myself better, and have come to know God, who created me in His image”[4]

What a beautiful epiphany Ava had.  It’s true that the more we comprehend God, the more intimate details He reveals to us about ourselves. 

The Truth of What’s Real

In our first estate, we were growing in our sphere and were joyous beings because we loved ourselves, and the progress we made there. This life is a test to see if we can find and reclaim our true identity.

The fact is, we have two selves that are continually at odds: Our lower “natural man” self, that we create on this Telestial plane, and our Higher Self that has always been who we are.

We can spend our whole lives trying to figure which self is which, but it’s actually very easy.  When we are filled with doubt, despair or darkness, we feel so bad because that is not who we are!  When this happens we can realize, “THAT’S NOT ME!” Why? Because it makes us feel deadened, constricted and joyless.

When our behavior, thoughts and words fill us with beautiful spirit-filled feelings, we can say, THAT’S ME! Why? Because we resonate with feelings that make us feel expansive, joyful and alive!  Those are the feelings we are designed to feel!

So, what are things that help us have these wonderful feelings?

Focus On Light

Light will always cut through and conquer darkness. If we can stop our obsession with less than noble thoughts and focus on light-filled things such as scripture, beauty of nature, beautiful music, serving others, etc., we begin to raise to greater levels of light.  The more light we allow in, the more one-ness to God we feel. 

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf taught us how to feel this one-ness.  He said,

“Do you want to experience abiding joy? Do you yearn to feel within your heart the peace that passes understanding? Then turn your soul toward the light.”[5]

The more we center our minds on light, the more we can become our truest and deepest selves. From that vantage point it becomes easier to look into the hearts of others and see their true selves, and our personal power increases!

Seeing His Wife as She Really Is!

Peter Emery was blessed to see his wife’s true self in the Sydney Australia Temple in 2004.  He and his wife went there primarily to perform ordinances for his mother who had passed away the previous year.  He shared the following remarkable experience,

“We were doing family sealings at the time and just completed a group of sealings. As I arose, I looked up across the altar into the mirror, but this time, instead of only seeing my wife reflected into seemingly eternity, I ‘saw’ beyond the mirrors and the reflections to see my wife, as she really is. It was unexpectedly bright and white. My wife glowed! It was a special gift to me.”[6]

That day, Peter saw his wife for who she really was.  It was a magnificent blessing for him.  Turns out, everyone we know is a being of light.  If we could only realize…

Infinite and Limitless

The Real You is a piece of forever with limitless potential.  The Real You is the way you want to be! The more you know your Real Self, the more you will comprehend the God of the Universe.  Do you know who you really are? 

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