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In this episode, Geoff Steurer presents his second half of his interview Michelle Linford, the founder and administrator for LDS Hope and Healing.  In this episode, we discuss:
  • How breaking out of isolation can help you feel more hope
  • The difference between a healing community and a support group
  • Why joining a healing community is essential for your recovery
  • Why forgiveness and trust aren’t the same thing
  • Why rebuilding trust requires time
  • The three most important indicators that someone is in recovery
  • Why the betrayed partner and the recovering addict need their own recovery processes
  • How the focus of recovery needs to be on restoring each person to spiritual health before any relationships can be healed

 More on Michelle’s background:
Michelle’s online volunteer work took an unexpected turn in late 2011 when search engine data showed the desperate need many LDS women had for help and support because of the sexual addiction/compulsion of a loved one.
In response to that need, in January 2012, Michelle created (a blog and private forum) with the belief that if women knew they weren’t alone, had others with whom they could connect, and had resources and information available to them, real healing could begin. Her motto was: “Let’s use the tool that has brought so much pain to bring hope and healing to people!”
In addition, inspired by her research about addiction recovery and the hope-filled stories of recovery from addicts and loved ones alike, Michelle chose to do 12-step work in her own life to find healing from shame, perfectionism, and fear-based living. She has been participating regularly in the Church’s 12-step program for six years, and is currently a facilitator in ARP.
Michelle has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and an MBA, with an emphasis in organizational behavior and change. She is the Executive Director of EPIK Deliberate Digital, and is a member of the prevention task force (the Safeguard Alliance) for the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. Michelle and her husband, Matt, are the grateful parents of three, beginning the tender stage of launching their children into the world. In addition to being an ARP facilitator, Michelle also is grateful to serve as a facilitator in the Church’s Self-Reliance Services program.
Additional Resources from Michelle:
Slides link (this was a presentation last February on dating in a pornified world at a BYU Women’s Services conference last year):…wer%20-%20Final.pdf
This is a podcast with LDS Perspectives
This is a compilation of thoughts and resources that assimilate learning from her role at EPIK, at HopeAndHealing (including all that research), and in her own personal experience in 12-step as a participant, sponsor, and facilitator.
The Illuminate Podcast is hosted by Geoff Steurer, MS, LMFT and founder of LifeStar of St. George, Utah, a treatment program for couples healing from the impact of pornography and sexual addiction.