Family members can both help and harm those recovering from addiction. Having the right education and resources makes all the difference for families who want to help. I had the privilege of interviewing Danny and Emily Deaton from “Your Living Proof” about how families can make a difference in the lives of those they love who are struggling with addiction. In this episode, we discuss:
  • Danny’s journey through addiction and recovery
  • How they see families helping/harming the addiction recovery process
  • What families need to understand about addiction
  • How family members can be most helpful

You can purchase a 4-course bundle from Your Living Proof. Use the code: GS10 to save 10%. Here are the details of their online course bundle:

This bundle is for every mother, father, sister, friend who is ready to know what THEY can do to start fighting for their loved one’s life. The bundle includes over 2 hours of personal instruction from Danny so you can learn and master the following concepts:
  • The three roadblocks families unknowingly place in their loved one’s path.
  • The four lies that keep everyone in a holding pattern.
  • Why it is impossible for your loved one to do this alone.
  • Two addiction principles that will move you from insanity to progress.
  • Addiction myths – busted
  • Three hinge points that will create the structure required to influence the outcome.
  • What you must immediately stop doing.
  • Creating your own emergency kit.

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About Danny and Emily Deaton

Once a homeless, incarcerated drug addict, Danny Deaton is now a husband, father of three, and 14 years clean and sober. Danny is the founder and owner of Living Proof Recovery Services; a company whose mission is to save families who are losing the battle of addiction inside their home. He also hosts the Your Living Proof Podcast and has produced workbooks and online courses for individuals and families who need support in understanding their role in their loved ones recovery.


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