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Emily Jones, co-founder of Family Tech University, joins me to talk about the need to go beyond external filters and controls with our children’s electronics and, instead, help them develop internal filters. Using powerful metaphors and stories, Emily share her own family’s journey and the work she and her husband have done over the past several years building a powerful online educational resource to support parents and children. Our children are required to enroll in drivers ed and spent dozens of hours behind the wheel with a trusted adult before they venture off unsupervised. They created the Internal Filter Workshop to give parents powerful tools to help children navigate the powerful world of computers and smartphones. In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why they created Family Tech University
  • The concept of children developing their own internal filters versus only using tech to filter
  • How parents can nurture this in their homes
  • The appropriate balance between using tech and children having their own boundaries
  • The most common questions she gets asked by parents when it comes to tech and families

Use the code GEOFF5 at checkout to receive a $5 discount on the Internal Filter Workshop:
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About Emily Jones

Dave is an IT professional with over 20 years of experience, and an outdoor enthusiast. Emily is passionate about mothering, and a published author. Years ago we began work on a sort of “driver’s ed for the smartphone” for our children… a precursor to cell phone ownership. Family Tech University exists to strengthen families, with an emphasis on nurturing a young person’s heart. Providing young people with powerful information, skills practice, and the opportunity to develop their OWN heartfelt opinions enables them to choose to be wise, of their own free will. The heart of our message? That heroic parents can nurture the internal filter™ of their children, preparing them to make wise choices with technology when they walk out the door… away from digital filters and parental monitoring.

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