Elder Quinn Lewis-Reese sends this report on how the missionaries helped in the recent flooding in Ghana.

The night of the flood in our district, which included the areas of Anyaa and Ordorkor in Accra, the missionaries were at the roadside helping Ghanians cross the high waters.

The rain had lasted for about three hours. We were on our way back from proselyting for the day, but before we had the chance to make it to a local taxi, called a Tro-Tro, we had an experience that I will forever remember.

People had to pass on this bridge to get to their homes and the water was about waist deep and flowing very fast into an open stream. While we were trying to pass I saw two people almost get washed away into this stream but luckily they were okay.

Once we past this point and we were on our way home, we came to a junction where we saw the rest of our brothers standing at the roadside. We asked them what was going on and they said that the water here is crazy and they were too afraid to pass.

There were about 6 missionaries whose name were Elder Chatterley, Elder Carson, Elder Green, Elder Thapeli, Elder Nxele and myself Elder Lewis-Reese. We all knew that we had to do what we could to help and we all stepped into the water which was about waist deep.

From about 10-12:30 we were helping people cross the waters. The next day when we were reflecting back on the event, we all thought that what we were Modern Pioneers helping people cross the dangerous floods. That moment was a testimony to me that the work we are doing is real and that a mission is a very great place to spread the gospel. This moment is a time in my life that I will never forget but will always cherish in my heart.