In part 2 of my interview with Dr. Mark Matheson, we continue the discussion on how to be more honest. He shares specific skills we can practice and teach to our families and organizations to improve our honesty. See below for a summary of the skills. 

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About Dr. Mark Matheson

Dr. Matheson has an MBA from Harvard and a doctorate in organizational leadership from UoP. From 2010 to 2019 Brother Matheson taught at BYU-Hawaii and Southern Virginia Universities. Before his retirement,  he has been a partner and senior analyst with three investment banks. He was also an Adjunct Professor for four years and guest lectured at eight other universities. He taught at BYU Education Week for four years, seminary for five years and for the last seventeen years, when he is in Utah, he has served as a volunteer teacher serving the Utah State Prison. He loves to mentor young adults as they face multiple important life decisions. He posts thought-provoking ideas daily under the titles @ScriptureAnalyst and @ConferneceAnalyst, the same on both Instagram or Facebook.

Show Notes

Three Facilitators of Honesty all starting with “E”:

Exemplify Honesty

Will your kids highlight your honesty at your funeral?

Accept the challenge to correct prior poor honesty modeling.

1)  Practice Self Reminders

2)  Guard Against Rationalizing

3)  Recognize Your Own White Lies

4)  Rehearse Honest Responses

Enable Honesty

Take down the barriers that keep honesty from thriving.

1)  Avoid Presumptive Honesty – It can happen to your kids

2)  Use One-on-One Interaction. Get them talking privately.

3)  Do Not Abandon Rules and Honesty Enforcement

4)  Disable Economic Motivators for Dishonesty

Encourage HonestyTurn around dishonest practices.

1)  Share Information in Openness and Transparency

2)  Understand What to Disclose

3)  Reduce the Fear of Reporting or Confessing Dishonesty

4)  Implement an External Assessment & External Personal Honesty Accountability