From L.A. to New York City, and dozens of cities in between, opening weekend for FREETOWN saw thousands of moviegoers lighting up social media with their reactions. Audiences are saying FREETOWN is “Life changing,” “Thrilling,” “Mesmerizing,” and “Highly recommended.” From filmmakers Garrett Batty (The Saratov Approach) and Adam Abel (Saints and Soldiers), FREETOWN further validates that these two are highly gifted in telling authentic faith-filled, inspiring stories.

Online postings include:

Teresa B.: ‬‬“Just saw this movie today with my family. What an amazing story. Please support these film makers!”

Genelle P.: ‬‬“My life was changed for the better after seeing it. Mark 9:24.”

Helga S.:‬‬:“Absolutely wonderful. A must see.”

Janet K W.:‬‬ “Amazing movie! So much honesty, spirit, and heart. Their faith and courage gives me hope and puts my challenges in perspective.”

Carolyn N.:‬‬ “Just went to see this today! Excellent movie! Full of Action, Suspense but Truly Uplifting! Faith Working in Volatile Environment. Everyone should see it!”

“It’s rewarding to know that audiences care equally about the message as being entertained,” said Batty. “We attempted to portray, as authentically as possible, the ordeal facing six young missionaries and their driver, and the faith they had to sustain for survival. From what we’re hearing, audiences appreciate traveling that journey with them.”

FREETOWN opened on a limited engagement in select cities on 120 theaters nationwide, spanning from L.A. to New York City. According to Brandon Purdie, founder of Purdie Distribution, the film’s distribution partner, “Although this movie is based on an LDS-focused theme, it carries a powerful message for people of any faith. We’re pleased that the film inspired so many in its opening weekend.”

FREETOWN is a religious thriller that portrays young missionaries serving in their native country of Liberia, just as civil war breaks out. The only way the missionaries can continue to serve and teach, as well as hope to survive, is to flee for Freetown, Sierra Leone. Based on actual events, FREETOWN illustrates what can happen when faith overrides fear.

Abel, the film’s producer, agrees. “Inspiring others through faith-filled stories, and staying true to those remarkable stories, is a filmmaker’s dream. This story has it all – courage, strength, turmoil, evil, and most importantly, faith.”

FREETOWN is now playing in theaters.

To view the trailer, see a theater listing, and learn more, visit FREETOWN.