My inbox is full of kindness! Sometimes a tragedy or big life shift is just what is needed to bring out the best in people and to bring needed perspective. Since the majority of the world is now keeping themselves distant from people outside their immediate families, the role of family in all of our lives becomes more clear.

When all the distractions, activities and pressures of life are not clouding our vision and dominating our schedules, families emerge as our ultimate priorities. 

Now is a historic and trying time for our nations and our world, but it may be a blessing for our families. In a recent webinar, I taught about how to create a strong family culture through a catastrophe, and how to strengthen family unity and improve communication while improving academic, social and entertainment cultures in our homes.  

Here is an except from that webinar that every mother needs to hear during these trying times:

Here is the entire webinar:

Nicholeen has another free seminar planned on March 28th meant to increase a parent’s knowledge of how children learn, how to help children love learning, and how to have a peaceful family in the process. Find out more information for this upcoming free event here: