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As my mission drew to a close my Mission President held a Zone Conference. He was going home that transfer and opened it up to a Q&A at the end. I vividly remember one question, Elder Hansen from Idaho stood up and in a very thick Idaho farmer accent asked: “President Wilkey, how do I not go less active when I go home?” to which President Wilkey replied, “Elder Hansen, do you milk a cow halfway?” I saw a light go on in Elder Hansen’s eyes and he said “Gotcha President!” and sat down. This exchange baffled me. But it always stayed with me.

Now that I’ve been home from my mission for almost 5 years I’ve met hundreds of less active members. Many of whom are RM’s who have slipped away from full activity, many still have testimonies, but they’ve fallen away. The question of Elder Hansen echoes in my ears “What can we do to not go less active?” The reply of “Do you milk a cow halfway?” really is the answer. After pondering this question for a few years, I finally understand it. Let me explain. Milking a cow is a commitment, if you only milk the cow halfway eventually you will ruin its capacity to produce milk, thereby rendering the dairy cow worthless. We do the same to our Spiritual life when we are halfway disciples, or “lukewarm” as John puts it in Revelation 3:21. So here are 4 ways to make sure you are milking your cows all the way (being a full disciple).

Be Selfless With Our Temple Attendance.

If a non-member was to walk up to you right now asking to get baptized would you ignore them and say “I am too busy?” Even the notion is ridiculous! Yet how many times have we been too busy to go to the temple and perform this sacred work for someone who is waiting on the other side of the veil for it? We have been encouraged to attend as frequently as we are able.

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