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The project to upgrade a totemic temple has reached a significant milestone, further revealing the enormity of the task ahead.

Six months after the renovation of the Salt Lake Temple began, construction workers are still doing prep work for the main events. That includes uncovering the building’s deep, pioneer-era foundation to make way for the staggering business of installing huge seismic stabilization discs underneath the gigantic stone temple.

Preparations so far have ranged from deft handiwork to demolition, according to updates provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

On the one hand, power tools have drilled holes in that foundation and noisily cut through pipe that had held the Angel Moroni statue in place on top of the temple for 128 years. Large machines have demolished and dismantled annexes and the south visitors’ center.

One by one, workers have delicately removed ornate finials on the temple’s spires, original windows, artwork and other precious pieces of the historic landmark. They need to be protected from any shaking and shifting during the upcoming renovation work.

The items have been catalogued, carefully boxed and placed in storage to wait for their return during the final stages of the project, according project historian Emily Utt.

Some important pieces of the temple cannot be removed, so other measures have to be taken.

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