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August 9, 2020
August 9, 2020

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Jane BirchDecember 7, 2016

Momathome: I tried an earlier version of these meals. Of course, homemade food is always better, but these meals were enjoyable to me (especially if I added some hot sauce). The portion sizes are quite substantial. You can view the nutrition facts for each meal here: Maria: Thanks for your comment and the good things you are doing to help others!

MariaDecember 6, 2016

Jane, Your article has so many wonderful resources. When I first started I longed for a place I could get help navigating the plant based world. It was completely foreign to me at the time. It has been 4 years now and I am amazed that I still enjoy this way of life. I don’t have any desire to return to my old ways and bad health. The Lord has provided us with so many wonderful whole foods for our enjoyment. This will be exciting to have so many join in on January 1st. Keeping track of where you start in so important. As my health improved, my desire to help others increased. I created a site called EatLiveBNspired. Recently, I put together a plant based progress tracker (printable) for my subscribers were they can write down all their starting number. This link gives more information about the tracker if anyone is interested. Thank you for all you do!

MomathomeDecember 6, 2016

Jane, I'm wondering if you've tried the Plant Pure foods yourself? If so, what do you think? Have you enjoyed them? It doesn't seem very clear on the website the exact weight/size of each serving. Is each meal about an 8 ounce serving? Thanks :)



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