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April 11, 2021

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Rayonna HaleDecember 7, 2016

LOVE The Forgotten Carols and this afternoon I get to share with my family here in Cedar City, UT. I was lucky enough to have seen the original production when Michael played all the rolls MANY years ago. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL PARTICIPANTS OF THE PRODUCTION!!!!!

BarbieDecember 2, 2016

Many years ago 3 wards got together and did a big production of The Forgotten Carols, and I was privileged to play Constance. It was an amazing experience and all these years later, my now grown kids can hardly wait for the Christmas season to play their own CD's of the Forgotten Carols. Every song that plays, I say "oh, this is my favourite!" Then the next one plays and I say the same thing. It impossible to have a favourite. Being part of that production made a huge impact on my life and all those who participated. Thank you Micheal McLean for sharing your great gift to the world

Jessica ChamberlainDecember 1, 2016

If you live in St Louis, come see this interfaith production Dec 8-10th, 2016!! Nearly sold out. Search online: Brown paper tickets St. Louis Forgotten Carols. Many talented people from many faiths coming together to put this show on. A Christmas miracle for St Louis this year.

Ann K. AndersenDecember 1, 2016

I was involved with teaching some of the music for this show a few years ago in a southeast Idaho. I thought the show was fine, except for one certain part. At the beginning of the show, when the narrator is introducing the nurse, he tells us that she loved her job as a nurse except for one particular group: the "crazies". I was very offended by use of this pejorative term, in light of the fact that many people, in the U.S. and elsewhere have either suffered some form of mental illness or at least have a family member or friend who has suffered it; I can't understand why Michael would use terms in his show that sort of demean anyone with mental/emotional problems by calling them "crazies". I wrote to Michael to complain about that term (this was about fifteen years ago), but I never received any response, and my understanding is that the term is still being used in the show. It turned me off so much that I haven't seen the show since and I don't intend to see it in the future. Anybody out there feel the same about this, or did I completely overreact? To me, it seems as bad, and as socially unacceptable, as calling a black person the "N" word.

SherylDecember 1, 2016

I saw his show in Rexburg the other night. I've seen it many times, but this time the songs, the feelings, were overpowering and I just cried all the way through. You have a different perspective on life when you've just lost your soul mate to cancer. Thank you, Michael, for sharing your talents and your love for Christ. My life has more meaning because of your songs in the "Forgotten Carols". I will be a lifelong fan!

Truman ProctorDecember 1, 2016

While in high school, the choir I was in I had the opportunity to sing in the Forgotten Carols program as the backup choir, and I have to say that it was probably one of the best experiences of my life! Being able to really FEEL the music we were singing, and convey the message of the songs to the audience members who were there to enjoy it, was the most touching opportunity. I love "Uncle Mike" as Michael McLean used to ask the choir members to call him, for having the courage to write this amazing program, and I hope to get to see it this year! Merry Christmas!

Eunice RobertsonDecember 1, 2016

I lived in Durban, South Africa, an Lds in the Hillcrest Stake. Some years ago, our stake choir decided to do The Forgotten Carols.The year after we performed at a theatre in Durban itself, we took a trip to Johannesburg to perform over the weekend there On the Saturday afternoon we did a matinee for some local old age homes and children's homes. It was one of the best experiences of my life. After the performance we decided to do some of the songs again, and the choir members, actors and helpers all stood together as we sang. The presence of the Spirit was so strong as we sang, that we were all reduced to tears, audience included, and we heard a vast chorus singing with us. It was absolutely amazing.Thank you for putting your heart and soul into this work, for allowing us to participate in something so special.

DilannDecember 1, 2016

This year I saw The Forgotten Carols in Heber. It was fantastic. It touched my heart and makes me try to be a better person.



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