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July 14, 2024

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Pamela Wright BroganMarch 9, 2016

Reading of lengths that Statan and his followers will go to thwart the gospel helps me to understand all the opposition I get , and how all of us who embrace or want to embrace the gospel will constantly get opposition from these evil forces. Many years ago as a new member of the church I felt I just wasn't fit or strong enough and very confused with the gospel. I prayed and climbed into bed troubled by my thoughts when I felt the presence of someone at the bottom of my bed.This person told me that I wasn't worthy to be a member and that God didn't love me . I felt utterly destroyed in spirit and was crying with the pain of having been rejected by my Heavenly Father. I felt no hope, no future, just complete dispare. It felt like a dark heavy blanket had fallen over me. Then suddenly this darkness lifted and a new person entered into the room and told me that God did love me...there was a sweetness , gentleness and love that I had never experienced before filling my body . The peace I felt was beyond understanding and my tears dried as I turned over to sleep. The person who had spoken seemed to leave but another person sat by my side as though to guard over me, and I slept.

Phirun RoeunMarch 9, 2016

Everysince I joined the church over 18 years ago, and shortly right after I received my patriarchal blessing, in about few nights after I had the same experience and its everything this artical discribed. I sas so scared, and thought I was losing my mind. It messed my head up for the whole day. Little did I know, it was just the beginning, because since the first attack, I've had it happened to me hundreds of times throughout the whole time that I've been a member of the church. I remember it once happening every night for a whole week as I was preparing to go on a mission in a month, and every other day during the month before receiving my endowment and being set apart as a missionary. Happened about twice a year when I was a missionary. Now everaging about 12 times a year, more or less. It was hard to live with. It spoke of this in my patriarchal blessing, and actually just happened to me last night before finding this artical in my email. What a coincident. But for the first 12 years I was so scared everytime that it happened and really messed with my head everytime, but now I understand why it happens and have no more fear and understand that its apart of my life and will continue to face it for the rest of mylife. It's become like other day in mylife. It's because of something that I did in the pre-earth life that Satan was very angry about. He knows what I am trying to do in the gospel today, and everytime something is about to happen that is spiritual pertaining to the gospel like missionary work, Satan and his legions attacks. I always call this experience the darkness. This is also spoken of in Helaman chapter 5. I now always look forward to seeing the good thing that's about to happen afted the attack because I know it will be good, so in a way, I get happy now everytime because of thd something good that is about to happen that will make me happy. I know without a doubt that this is Christ's church restored to earth through one of his prophet. I know that Joseph Smith was indeed one of God's prophet. I know that The Book of Mormon is the word of God and was translated by the power and inspiration of God. This church has changed my life. It's true, it's all true!



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