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May 30, 2023

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DrewJanuary 23, 2016

Reading this story reminds me of growing up in rural Utah. In the 1950's and 60's there weren't any black people in those small towns , in fact many still don't.But reading stories about this in the newspapers and in books,or on the radio or tv, helped me to be able to associate with them later on as I left Utah and went into the Navy and had to work and associate with them .Because in the Navy I was stationed aboard aircraft carriers with 5000 men aboard and about half were black . I made. many good friends with them. And since the navy and through out my life it has helped me associate with and make may friends both professionally and and my private life. I really apprciate the opportunity I had to be able to associate with others, it has helped tremendesly through out my life to be able tobe around other races of people. Thank you

KathrynJanuary 18, 2016

What an amazing story. I had only heard of Ruby Bridges. Thank you so much for sharing the courage and conviction of such a small child. I will be sharing this today!

Alfred VienneauJanuary 18, 2016

Any person that has a really good relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ cannot have any prejudice in their heart. In other words, a real Christian would not have any prejudice. It's too bad these things have to happen but that's the world we live in. Sometimes it can be hard to face the world, especially in this case because of such a young age. I feel for Ruby and all the kids that had to face this horrible moment in time.

ChadJanuary 18, 2016

Thanks for sharing. What a great story and a tribute to Ruby and her family.

SusanJanuary 18, 2016

My second cousins, the Conners, were, with another family, the other "white kids" who went to school with Ruby Bridges. Their story is also amazing as they were the only ones in their grades at school. My cousin, Patrick, in sixth grade, was tutored one-on-one all that year by his teacher and by the end of the year, had a ninth grade education. I am proud of my cousins for going to school that year, and for my family as they stood up for their principles of civil rights.



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