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January 18, 2022

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KelsieSeptember 14, 2015

I really thought that this advice was inspired. I have been trying to research helpful marriage advice. I feel that I am flawed in many ways and that I have struggled to build and respect my husband in the way that I should. This has given me some concrete tips that I believe will help build and sustain our marriage. Thank you for writing this. I believe our marriage will become more rewarding and enjoyable with these tips.

ElizabethSeptember 9, 2015

As so many before me have said, this is inspired advice for the newly wed and wonderful reminders for those of us with a few years under our belts. Thanks for sharing.

LindaSeptember 8, 2015

I wish my mother had given me this advice. My marriage lasted less than 5 years. I miss him.

Douglas E. BagleySeptember 7, 2015

Marriage isn't about arriving. It's about growing. Use wisdom well, remember, you will make mistakes. Become wiser after the mistakes. Don't dwell on what doesn't or hasn't worked, dwell on inspired ideas to make things and people get along better. Be kinder than you have ever been. After all is said and done, the bottom line is to learn to control yourself, pause, reflect long enough, and then state your words to another. The only goal that matters is getting yourself, your family, and as many people as you meet back to Heavenly Father. Best to you.

NinaSeptember 7, 2015

Profoundly wise counsel for newlyweds as well as those going into their 55th year of marriage.

NanaSeptember 6, 2015

Amen to all of the above comments. I benefitted from it greatly and I've been married 38 years. As a Bishop, my husband often performed civil weddings for non-member friends of our children. I've pinned this so he can add it to his counsel to newly married couples when asked again.

JeaNette Goates SmithSeptember 6, 2015

You could be a marriage therapist!

Joy LundbergSeptember 4, 2015

Well said, Maurine! Great advice for all newlweds, and a few oldlyweds, too.

NicolaSeptember 4, 2015

Have pinned it to find it again in the future. Always hard to find past articles but now I have a way! Have also face booked it. Great advice. Write a pamphlet !!

KathleenSeptember 4, 2015

I second two comments. Publish a pamphlet and this should be a mandatory document for marriage. Incredibly and inspiringly written!

Geoff SteurerSeptember 4, 2015

Every wedding gift I give will now include this wise and powerful counsel. Thank you, Maurine, for your voice.

RebeccaSeptember 4, 2015

Such insightful advice. Could you make this into a small brochure or booklet that I could buy and give to newlyweds? It is so well done! I wish every possible happiness for your daughter and her husband!

rebkotSeptember 4, 2015

Wise. It's not too late for all of us to improve some of these elements in our marriages.

Mimi/September 4, 2015

Thank you. Such inadequate words for the wisdom you have blessed your daughter and us all with.

mary janeSeptember 4, 2015

Well-said. My experience with marriage--both my own, my parents', my grandparents'-- affirm that following Christ, keeping your covenants, being as one in purpose--a team, being charitable, kind towards one another, and enduring to the end, creating a family with children, a multi-generational family--these produce joy.

NanacooolSeptember 4, 2015

Beautiful! This reminds me how nourished, cherished and sacred our marriages should be to us everyday,as you point out. What a privelege and blessing to be able to learn and grow w a trusted partner. To be a half of an eternal partnership. As you also point, we can only determine our own actions and the quality of our marriage will be the result of the daily choices of two individuals. Perhaps that makes the level of our commitment to being one and humility the greatest qualities we can have over the long haul of marriage through mortality. Successful marriage takes strength and determination, personal sacrifice, forgiveness and all the rest--hard things to really learn and do...but perhaps personal individual unfailing humility in greatest measure. Best wishes to your dearest daughter! My eternal companion and i share your joy!

Harold RustSeptember 4, 2015

This is one of the most eloquently written collection of good advice I've yet read. So many of these pearls of wisdom are ones I have recognized through the many years of my life. This letter should be printed and then included as a mandatory document to be read by all those asking for a marriage license (including those who are asking but should ask and those who are asking but shouldn't ask). Great guidance for all of us.



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