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June 29, 2022

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Joseph TenneyAugust 15, 2015

This has been such a refreshing and informative article. Thank you for your insight and inspiration in helping us to understand better the process of how The Church gets its message out. As a bishop I also found comfort in the direction of knowing that the brethren (and thanks for reminding us members who "the brethren" refer to) trust the process and allow bishops and stake presidents to "wrestle" with the spirit and learn the proper use of keys that have been entrusted to them. God be praised for this wonderful church that is lead by divine revelation! And "God be praised for the matchless gift of His divine son"!

Ron VanLeuvenAugust 11, 2015

Having served in Scouting for over 40 years, I was dismayed at the BSA's National Boards for their decision. I anguished over my feelings. The I did as Brother Otterson recommended, leave it to the Lord. During the time of anguish, I felt the touch of the Spirit to follow the Prophet. Brother Otterson you instructed us on this so aptly. Thanks for so nicely letting me know the things I have done right and those I need to work on.

DorisAugust 10, 2015

I feel like I have just read something so complete that I have no further questions in my mind about the organization/challenges and questions of our church What a great article, and I would agree with Kristi Fraper -- Brother Otterson is the LDS Tony Snow. Thank you for making things so clear -- with just enough humor to let us know you're real! Great article and now I hope many of our membership will stop their badgering the church's positions and do what the Prophet has told us to do.

Maryjoy BelloAugust 10, 2015

I had just been called as a Stake Public Affairs Director in the Philippines and it reassures me that there are resources such as yours to give light on the whats of public affairs. I like also the word you use, that is, "promote" the church rather than defend. Yes you are right, at this time, the right word would make a lot of difference in every endeavour and a careless and not thought-through ones though with good intent will bring havoc. Thank you and am searching for other articles you may have written to be my guide in this challenging calling.

Ron GAugust 10, 2015

Thank you for bringing to light and clarifying the procedures and philosophies of the administration of the public affairs of the Church. Most illuminating and satisfying to have a little better understanding of such things. Important work - Thank you for doing it!

John LundbergAugust 10, 2015

Thank you for the article. I found it insightful and helpful in understanding the complexity with which the Church leaders have to deal with on such a wide range of issues. I admire the navigation of a diverse group of volunteers (the church membership) made by the Church leadership. I have always trusted and this article helped to verify the leadership. Of course I understand there are individual flaws because we are all human but the overall body of work performed by the brethren and your department is very impressive. Thank you.

pammie b.August 10, 2015

Thank you for an informative article...I have enjoyed reading it and learned a few things...also thank you very much for your many years of service to this church...pb

Richard S. HixsonAugust 10, 2015

Excellent and Informative. So grateful for my membership. Learned much about being a defender of the Church.

OneMoreThoughtAugust 10, 2015

What a wonderful article. Thank you for making it available here. I am deeply grateful for the efforts of so many to be balanced and supportive in coping with the challenges we face today. It is uplifting to see the dedicated efforts toward this end.

D B NormanAugust 10, 2015

I read this with great interest. It amazes me to observe how many people "enlighten" themselves out of the church. One brother concluded that there is only one God after studying the accounts of the first vision. Satan's plans are working on so many faithful Saints, and it saddens me.

Sandee SpencerAugust 10, 2015

Brother Otterson's remarks were faith filled and reassuring! He was my favorite speaker at the FAIR Mormon conference! Wonderful!

mary jane fritzenAugust 10, 2015

Thank you, Brother Otterson, for this explanation.

Kristi FraperAugust 10, 2015

I always enjoy listening to or reading Michael Otterson's comments. For me he has always been the "Tony Snow" (well-respected, thoughtful political commentator) of the Church.

Michael ChopinAugust 10, 2015

In my opinion, being under constant siege only lends support and is further a witness that Church is right and true. If that were not the case, it would be mostly ignored by and large. However, opposition to the Church is not a bad thing because, for the faithful, it helps them to have empathy for what the pioneers that came before had to endure as well as giving deeper meaning and testimony of their faith. I know that the "Star Spangled Banner", for example, used to be a special song to me being the national anthem, but I never really thought much about the words. Now, it is not only special but also a sacred work because of the opportunity to endure opposition. The dawn's early light will come, and those who endured will hail each to the other through the diminishing twilight, and the darkness will come no more. But while we are still surrounded by darkness, the light of truth will burn within those who fight and thereby illuminate the flag they carry, thus giving proof through the night that it still waves. Those who then see it will not have to ask the question: "Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave, O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?"

Chuck DeWittAugust 10, 2015

This has been a delightful and enlightening article. His first hand knowledge is powerful and clarifying. I have a deeper appreciation for our Savior talking about sheep, rather than acting like one. I have a better insight to church leadership and historic misunderstandings (presentism). I love the 6 simple principles we stand for. Thank you

CarolineAugust 10, 2015

What an interesting article! To someone like myself--a journalist with a small-town community newspaper--you are living the dream! I think the Church's public affairs office does great work and it's where I turn when I want to know the truth about what it happening in the Church. Keep up the good work!



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