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June 26, 2022

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Flora SchallerApril 6, 2016

These tours that the Proctors do look absolutely marvelous but they are priced way out of most members ability to do. Could there be a cheaper type of tour. Such as allowing individuals to provide their own transportation, housing, and food arrangements but let them join the group for the actual foot tours.

Mary JurgaitisMarch 7, 2016

See my comment from last year. If it weren't for the sacrifices made by those who spent the winters harvesting the trees in the Wisconsin Pineries 400 miles away and the summers sawing and floating the lumber down the river to Nauvoo, that beautiful original temple would not have been built. Even many (if not most) of the homes and other structures were built from the white pine here. I know the white pine trees here were specifically prepared for that purpose. BUT if you decide not to include the Wisconsin Pineries in your tour, at least look at the floors you are walking on in the original homes and buildings. Notice how long the boards are and with very few, if any, knots. If you are interested, I have created a PowerPoint that tells some of the story of the Wisconsin Pineries.

Fletchers,LeGrande and MarieMay 13, 2015

This was the Ultimate tour and we have have promoted it ever since. It isn't just what you saw, but what you felt and experienced and Scott Proctor with his wit, singing, knowledge of LDS History and people along the way is fabulous and complete --even with "Talent shows" in the bus between stops. etc,etc,etc.

Mary JurgaitisMay 6, 2015

This will NOT be the ultimate church history tour because you will be missing the Wisconsin Pineries where all the timber was harvested to build the Nauvoo Temple AND actually the whole city of Nauvoo. In addition, here in the Pineries there is the only body of water that was named after an early saint, Elijah Cunningham. (He drowned while helping to get the timber down to Black River Falls for sawing). And as far as we know he is the only person who died during the whole time (1841-1845) that the Mormon Logger Missionaries where here. If you miss this area, I think you should reconsider the word "Ultimate" in your tour title.

KrisMay 5, 2015

October 19th, are you going to Corning NY or Coming, as it is written in this itinerary?

Rebecca StayMay 5, 2015

The Ice Cream store has been gone for 10 years. They turned it into a family history center.



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