January 21, 2021

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Lora KinderApril 26, 2015

My husband was born legally blind virtually from birth. His stepfather thought that he must have done something wrong in a previous life, but we know that it is so that the works of God can be made manifest in him. Every time he is able to serve, even with his physical challenges, it is a testimony of the power of God manifest in his life. Later in life, he developed a cataract. As part of the treatment, a lens was implanted in his eye. His vision improved. It was a "Now I see!" moment. He was amazed by the sight of things like blades of grass and leaves on trees. I thought of the man that Jesus healed, and imagined that he had this same reaction.

Paul ChappellApril 24, 2015

I was born with congenital defects. My Uncle's wife had her husband write a letter to my parents that they had sinned and that is why they had a handicapped child. This hurt terribly and they went to their bishop, James Paramore, who later became our Stake Pres. and eventually a member of the 70's. He read John 9 to them to calm them and reassure them. There STILL are people who think this way. They need to understand the beauty of this story and love all people, instead of harboring their fears and practice exclusion of others.



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