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July 16, 2024

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HalSeptember 22, 2022

This story reminds me of our honeymoon 37 years ago. We spent the first two nights in a nice, reasonably priced hotel in a quiet little town with amazing scenery right outside the door. My wife was very frugal (a good attribute) and decided the hotel we were staying in was too expensive and suggested we could get a cheaper one in the next (larger) town up the road. I reluctantly cancelled our remaining three nights in the nice hotel and packed up to head to the next town. Upon entering the town, we found a string of "No Vacancy" signs at each hotel we drove by. The hotel room we finally got at the edge of town was indeed cheaper. It also reeked of cigarette smoke and alcohol. We also noticed that the parking lot began to fill up as the day wore on and realized it was the first day of the elk hunt in that state. We were awakened at 4:00 a.m. the next morning to the sound of 4-wheel-drive pickups starting up, headlights shining through our window, the loud clomping of hunting boots on the wood walkway outside our room, and loud voices shouting out "Hey Jake, you got the beer?" Short story, after two nights of this we decided to cut our honeymoon short and just go home. We look back on this event and laugh, but it wasn't very amusing at the time.

CarolSeptember 21, 2022

Yikes!!! That was a funny story - I hope it wasn't true!!! It's a great lesson in cheapest is not always the best choice!!



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