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July 15, 2024

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Linda JaffaApril 11, 2022

I have loved listening to your podcast so much. They are inspiring and enlightening. I just went to your website and am shocked that I can't print out some quotes to use as I am teaching my class! I am really disappointed....

Helen HederApril 10, 2022

Why can' I see the printed parts of the podcast?

AdamApril 9, 2022

Agree with the above. Wonderful podcasts, but please bring back the transcripts! They really help to go back and focus more on segments that catch your attention while listening. Thanks for considering.

Robert HalesApril 8, 2022

I use both. Only audio or only the transcript usually ends up with a nap. I listen to the audio and there is enough activity reading the transcript to stay awake. Even with my hearing aid, I miss words but catch them in the transcript.

Pat ThomasApril 8, 2022

It’s difficult to stop and write notes on the audio presentation and then start the audio again. The written transcript makes it easier to ponder without losing my place. Please provide the written transcript. You bring in wonderful people with so much to share.

Marilyn MeinzerApril 5, 2022

I love to READ your podcasts each week and often copy parts of the transcripts to save and refer back to - can't do that with audio!! Without transcripts I don't have time to listen to the audio!!

Robert RieckhoffApril 5, 2022

I must admit that I do appreciate the text copy of the podcast. I can read faster and also take notes and lt allow me to ponder the point longer.

KathleenApril 4, 2022

We too like having the transcripts but have very much enjoyed the recent discussions with guests. Thank you for sharing by both formats and expanding resources.

Colleen McDonaldApril 4, 2022

I am hearing impaired and therefore I read much better than I hear! Please go back to giving us a transcript that I can read! I would appreciate that so much!!

MimmieApril 4, 2022

I couldn’t agree more with the above comments. I feel the exact same way and would again request that you would reconsider posting a transcript of your Podcasts.

Lisa J NemrowApril 3, 2022

I don't even bother to listen to the podcast since you don't put it in text. I enjoy reading it and contemplating it. The recording goes by too fast and find it difficult to go back to a part that I wanted to make sure I understood it correctly as well as to think more about it. Could you PLEASE go back to printing it out? I love the things you have to share and have learned so much from you.

DougieApril 1, 2022

Third one of these in a row with no transcript. This podcast is 46 minutes long! Who has that kind of time? I can read the transcript in 10 minutes. What the heck?

Haze KompelienApril 1, 2022

What percentage of your audience are upset at the lack of transcripts? I fear you are loosing a bunch of us/ I am very sad and really do miss your insights. No, I won't listen to the podcasts instead, as I am NOT an auditory learner.



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