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May 10, 2021

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CherilynMay 9, 2021

A theory that is based in degrading one race to promote another is not coming from the Creator of us all. In fact it is of the adversary. As a teacher in a California performing arts public charter school, CRT and using everyone's preferred pronouns and honoring diversity are the main themes. None of it coming from any place of forgiveness. It's got a "revenge" edge to it.A BYU professor delivered a recent devotional about racism, which was in a very positive tone and in keeping with Gospel principles. But when he explained that we must all atone for the sins of others in the past, as the Savior did, with reparations, it took a detour doctrinally. First, it was the Savior's singular fore-ordained role to be the Savior of the World and to atone for us.We are Saviors on Mount Zion by being temple worthy and redeeming the dead with saving temple ordinances. The Second Article of Faith declares that we are not punished for other's (Adam's) transgression but only for our own sins.Moreover, my ancestors fought in the Civil War for the North. They opposed slavery. I cannot find any logic in the argument that I'm guilty of systemic racism.If we truly believe we are all children of God, then we will follow the Lord's simple commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves, to follow the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.No law or government mandate can change the hearts of people, and is more often the cause of increased discord. Being examples of the Lord's way and promoting those ideals in the public square in non-religious language will go a long way to help our brothers and sisters understand and model our examples of that better way as we go forward.

MarkMay 6, 2021

Talking about racism and it’s impact on our fellow brothers and sisters brings it to light so that it can done away with. History is full of examples of using religious teachings in a way that perpetuates racist systems. We would be wise to seek to understand those whose lives are impacted by racism. We would be wise to listen to the President Nelson and follow his example in taking the lead in ending racism.

Boanerges RubalcavaMay 5, 2021

"Anti Americanism" is greatly overused, but in the case of Critical Race Theory, is needed with great urgency. We must be aware of what is happening all over the Country destroying our PRINCIPLES, OUR VALUES, and eventually the USA REPUBLIC/FREE MARKET.

L. J. BrowerMay 5, 2021

This saddens my heart. If these pholosophies are being taught and espoused at BYU, where can we send our children to avoid these damaging philosophies of men? I hope the classes these woke professors teach are not required. It feels like they are trying to weaken the fibre of the doctrine of Christ.

E SmithMay 5, 2021

Perceptive, clear, and brave article. Thank you.

ElizabethMay 5, 2021

Excellent and brave article. I wrote a letter last fall to president Worthen and the board of trustees regarding critical race theory and BYU, but did not get a response. I realize they are busy people and do not control all the details of the various departments, but I am saddened and alarmed that CRT has been so widely adopted at the department level across the University.

Frank StarkMay 4, 2021

More confusingly, If Ryan Gabriel is allowed to preach something that is against Church Doctrine at BYU how do we know what to believe or do? This is when we need the Board of Directors to either fire him or endorse him. “For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?" This is when we pray for guidance and an example from our leaders.

Jo Ann OkelberryMay 4, 2021

I have been reading a lot about the Critical Race Theory. It seems to be in opposition to learning about the divinity and potential of each and every person. We should learn to value all people as Children of God and as our sisters and brothers. It seems as though Critical Race Theory wants to bring out the worst in people rather than the best.

ShaunaMay 4, 2021

Wonderful--thank you for this brave and informative article. As a BYU grad, and someone who has a student there and one on the way next year, I can attest that BYU is not immune from worldly ideas and philosphies. The Gospel absolutely must be the lens through which all manmade ideas are viewed and not the other way around.I love BYU and I love that the authors of this article are fighting to keep BYU unique. Bravo

Michael ChandlerMay 3, 2021

Thank you for your intelligently thoughtful explanation. While skin color will always be a factor dividing some people, the bigger factor is the difference in culture and values. While different cultures can be valued for their good aspects, not all cultures are equal in value in contributing to improving happiness and the human condition. It is NOT. wrong to place higher value on those cultural qualities that improve happiness.

Mark TurnerMay 3, 2021

As one who has been subjected to the attempted brain-washing associated with attendance at mandatory diversity training provided by my employer, I can attest to the veracity of the descriptions and warnings provided in this article. I praise these individuals for taking the time to work out their arguments and for the courage to state them publicly. We are entering another dangerous time in the history of this country and I hope an pray that many will have their eyes opened soon to the reality of these dangers, that we may avoid them and continue to live free.

CarolMay 3, 2021

Wow! The last thing I want is for my tithing money to support the evil of critical race theory. For an eye-opening explanation of the theory, watch the PragerU video on the topic.

Karell BinghamMay 3, 2021

Well I guess! If we can't get it right on this campus, where can we get it right on any campus? Let us pray.

Peggy McFarlandMay 3, 2021

Thank you so much for this timely and vital article.

Scott GardnerMay 3, 2021

This is an intriguing article. I'm struck by the authors opposing the quote from Kendi, "As Kendi states, “One either believes problems are rooted in groups of people, as a racist, or locates the roots of problems in power and policies, as an antiracist … There is no in-between safe space of ‘not racist.’” That quote sure does seem to make a complex issue into a false dilemma. Perhaps in the spirit of the week we should remind ourselves that "Only a Sith deals in absolutes." Where does culture fit in? If there are aspects of my culture that are not in harmony with the gospel, is it racism to encourage me to change those parts of my culture?

A. LeeMay 3, 2021

The application of Critical Race Theory is just one tool the Adversary uses to force all individuals to think and act in one forced modality. Personal responsibility and choice is ignored. Manipulating and forcing individuals was Satan's plan in the pre-existence and continues plague all of us as we live our life on Earth.



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