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July 11, 2020

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leahJune 5, 2014

I have to add that the Lord helped me see that my father's sins were not my concern. I have sins too, thankfully not THOSE sins, but plenty to keep me occupied working on them in earth life. For a while, I tried to "fake" forgiveness - just "act nice", so it was a long effort with sweet rewards.

leahJune 5, 2014

I, too, have had good forgiveness experiences. The first was my father who had been criminally cruel to our family. In later years he calmed down and reconnected with us, tho he still had anger issues. It took me a long time - like a decade for fully forgive. I tried, left my heart open to forgiveness, The Lord helped me. When it came it was sweet. It freed my heart. I don't know if it touched him at all, but it was AMAZing for me.

M. AhernMay 28, 2014

It's very liberating to forgive someone. When my former husband broke the law of chastity and informed me that, 'I'm in love with someone else', the first words out of my mouth were, 'I forgive you'. I really meant it. I was willing to work things out, he had already 'checked out' a few years previous and was waiting to make his move. Sadly, we got divorced, he left and is miserable. I have a prize - a sweetheart who was worthy to take me to the temple to be sealed. This is the marriage I'd waited for for many years. I believe in 'THE MIRACLE OF FORGIVENESS'. Yes, it's still painful since we were married for 23 years, High School sweethearts as well. At the crossroads I felt as if I had two choices: be bitter or be better. I chose the 2nd and have been blessed for it - daily.



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