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May 26, 2020

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Hazel SchaefferDecember 4, 2018

Love this collection. I live in Japan and love your Japanese one...I've been looking for something like this. May I ask where you purchased it?

Kenneth MDecember 25, 2013

When I served my mission in Paraguay I fell in love with the creches they had in place of the Christmas trees. When I came back I started collecting nativities of my own, mostly finding them in thrift stores. I now have over 50 of them, and share them with the residents at the nursing home where I work--especially since there's no room in the house!

LaurieDecember 25, 2013

I noticed in the Amish nativity, the piecing pattern of the quilt in the back is the Tree of appropriate...

Drew JensenDecember 25, 2013

This is so refreshing to know that The Lord is still reigning strong through out the world no matter what we hear and see in the media. I love them all.

CarolynDecember 24, 2013

I was delighted to see these pictures as I have a collection of my own, including the first one with the baby covered with a quilt.

Tom JohnsonDecember 24, 2013

These are very inspiring. Thanks for sharing them.

Claudia H. CalissieDecember 24, 2013

Proctors - We miss coming to your house each December to see all the nativities! Hope you have a Merry Christmas with all your family. Claudia & Aimee Calissie

Pam JonesDecember 24, 2013

these are just wonderful to see the lord is truly loved thru out the world

EliseDecember 24, 2013

So sweet to contemplate. Thank you for sharing this lovely collection.

VickyDecember 24, 2013

Love your beautiful nativity scenes! Thank you for sharing! Merry Christmas!

Annette GroverDecember 24, 2013

So lovely! Grateful for the reminder that we need to put CHRIST back in Christmas!

[email protected]December 24, 2013

Thank you for sharing this wonderful collection and the narrative included. It makes me appreciate the cultural differences even more.

Diane KunkelDecember 24, 2013

Oh, thank you so much for the beautiful pictures and the meaningful narration. Thank you for sharing your collection with us. It truly uplifted me!



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