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July 14, 2020

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Barbara HarmanMay 9, 2014

My mother taught me how to be virtuous and praiseworthy. Being RS pres. for 18 years she taught me many things and I learned from her example. I am very emotional as I write this as She died of bladder cancer almost 15 years ago and I still miss her and it IS hard to be in church on Mother's Day.

Pat Howell-AllenMay 7, 2013

Carolyn, I had just received the great news that Robin's youngest son Josh and his wife are expecting their lst baby when I saw your article as I search for the latest D&C lesson. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. Knowing you personally, I can actually see you doing and saying what you did. I'm going to send it to Dawn & Robin. I want them to feel also the feeling we all feel being "Mothers." Have a great day Sunday ... I'm going to!

Faye GirsbergerMay 6, 2013

Thank you for putting it all in perspective. I sang M O T H E R as I read it, and am going to pass it along to my daughters and bonus daughters.



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