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June 16, 2024

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Barb McDonoughJanuary 11, 2021

The Rod of Aaron?? Why has this artifact not been mentioned before? How did it get to the New World? Joseph received the Gold plates but left all the other sacred items in the box? Just a few questions.

Margaret BourneDecember 21, 2020

I can't remember if it was President Kimball or President Hinckley that said, when asked, that we would receive the rest of the gold plates when we had sufficiently read what we already have. In other words, if we don't read what we have, why would we be given the rest? Good point!

David ChristiansenDecember 16, 2020

When I was in the LTM (yes, I'm that old) in Hawaii, Cleon Skousen spoke. He suggested the reason we do not have the sealed portion of the plates is that we are not yet good enough students of what we already have. He also suggested that if we had that portion then we would be held accountable for that as well. Where much is given........



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