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March 28, 2023

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Jeanette Goates smithSeptember 17, 2020

Such a thoughtful perspective. Great way to apply mindfulness concepts

TamraSeptember 17, 2020

This was the most insightful article I have read in a long time. It helped me to conceptualize the various components of a "faith crisis" and be at peace with my unanswered questions. I appreciate the practical tips for mindfulness techniques as well as strategies to challenge and reframe cognitive distortions that may undermine one's faith. Thank you!

NED SCARISBRICKSeptember 16, 2020

The article is primarily about building a "relationship" with the ever living God instead of focusing our efforts on being "busy" in the community of believers. Efforts are important but they come natural as our relationship with the Almighty increases not the other way around. The second part is where we "live." If we live in the past or the future we miss the here and now which is the only real thing have. The past is but a memory and the future is not known. So do we live in memories or some hoped for future that may be totally different from what really happens? To be "present orientally" is a common phrase that is used in real healing because it is the only real thing we have. God gave us time and the choice to experience life in the here and now to build a relationship that will never end.

MakaylaSeptember 16, 2020

A wonderful article. I will try to focus more on what I can ascertain from the present!

Ben JonesSeptember 16, 2020

My wife went inactive several years before I met her, on account of her divorce from her first husband. She had a lot of negative stories about Church members who did not live up to the high ideals that we hold dear. After we were married and I adopted her three children, she began to change her stance, emphasizing more positive aspects of the Church. Two years after we were married, her 16-year old daughter decided that she wanted to go back to Church. My wife admitted that she did too. My initial reaction was "What kind of a hold do THESE people have on you?" She explained that within a couple months of our getting married that she wanted to return to Church but didn't tell me for fear of scaring me off. She asked me to read a book about the Church (A MARVELOUS WORK AND A WONDER) and within a week I was ready to be baptized. She then warned me not to expect everyone at Church to be saints. I said, "Don't worry, you've already disabused me of that notion." That has helped me weather the storms of life for over 38 years, including her death 17 years ago, some of our children going inactive, a successful second marriage, and a step-daughter going inactive for almost the same reasons my first wife did. The Gospel is true but human beings aren't always true. An apostle once summed it up in Priesthood session thusly: "You're looking for the perfect wife but what makes you think she'll want you?"

JuliannSeptember 16, 2020

Too many words. I’d like someone to translate this into common English.



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