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August 3, 2020

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Maryann TaylorJuly 29, 2020

Thank you so much for this account and I hate to be nitpicking, but when the word "bravest" is used it suggests a comparison to all the other faithful early church members. There are countless unwritten stories of brave, courageous members, as well as hundreds that have been recorded. We don't really need to compare their efforts, do we? The word "brave" is sufficient.

Harold RustJuly 27, 2020

I made an earlier comment and then left my email for anyone interested in obtaining my collection of stories about character quality. Unfortunately, my address included a typo !!! My real address is [email protected] I've already had one request for my collection. Feel free to email if you are interested. As a side note, it is stories like this one that I like to collect. They have a very short time-span of occurrence with some great details to make them come alive. Usually fill up half a page or so type-written words.

Brent OlsenJuly 25, 2020

How do the “Carthage Greys” fit into this story? The history I have read indicates they are responsible for the attack on the jail, not a mob from Warsaw. What am I missing? Thanks for the clarification. Amazing story.

ShaunaJuly 25, 2020

Thanks to Brian for the research and writing and Meridian for publishing it. Thanks for bringing this faithful young sister Saint to our attention

Harold RustJuly 25, 2020

A remarkable story and very well written with powerful details to empower the story with emotional energy. Truly an example for all of us in being willing to stand up and speak truth regardless of the opposition. I have included this story in my personal collection of great stories about human character qualities (I have over 500 in my collection) and would like to be able to share this with friends and family as well. My email is [email protected] I'll even send you my file of collected stories. Thanks

Loretta BensonJuly 25, 2020

This was an event of which I had never heard. Thank you for bringing the courage and fortitude of Eliza to light.. Her valor in testifying, is an example to all of us.

Brian StutzmanJuly 24, 2020

Thank you for your kind comments. I visited Warsaw Illinois about 5 years ago and just wanted to buy a history of the town but there was none. I spent most of the last few years researching and writing and learned of Eliza Jane Graham. Her story (and that of Dan Jones) brings tears to my eyes often. I have 3 boxes of research including journals, newspaper articles, and books. Please forgive the mention, but this and other stories are in my book on Amazon called "The History of Warsaw, Illinois." My email address is my last name then first name at no spaces or dashes. All the best,

Sandy ReddishJuly 24, 2020

This is an inspirational article about someone I have never heard of before.Thank you for publishing this!

Dave HansenJuly 24, 2020

That is a wonderful story of a grim situation that I'd not heard before. It motivates me to do what is right in this chaotic world, even when knowing the results may turn out wrong. Thanx Brian for enlightening us with this thin slice of Church history.

HalJuly 24, 2020

Wow! What a great article! I have read quite a bit about the actual martyrdom and the events that led to it, but I had never heard of this aftermath. What a brave young woman! Would that I could have such courage.

Jean RyggJuly 24, 2020

Thank you, Brother Brian Stutzman, for the great article on Eliza Jane Graham! I was very surprised to hear that Governor Ford sent a messenger to the Warsaw "Mob" to go home. I LOVED the Story you Told so well! Will you please either post or at least send me your sources? I had never heard of this story before. I want to share it with others, but before I do, I would like to be able to tell my friends what your sources were. Thank You Sincerely, Jean Rygg

Pattie SkousenJuly 24, 2020

Eliza Jane Graham is now a hero in my eyes. She is a truly a strong young woman who knew what she believed and stood up for it. She had courage beyond measure. I have witnessed a few trials my husband (a prosecutor) was involved in. When the jury announced guilty and they were removing the defendant from the courtroom, he yelled, "I will get out of jail and I will come and find you and kill you!" He referred to my husband and then he pointed to all the jurors, "and you too!" There were no guns in the court as they had been banned for years; but it was still caused a great amount of concern to the the jurors and myself. I am so proud of Eliza Jane Graham!

Chuck McClureJuly 24, 2020

Thank you for including this article of this remarkable woman.

Bill MorrisonJuly 24, 2020

Very well written and extremely entertaining.

Lawrence HigginsonJuly 24, 2020

Thank you for sharing this faith promoting and testimony building memory of a wonderful sister in the gospel.

Vivian AdamsJuly 24, 2020

Thank you for the work and research that brought us this valuable and remarkable story.

Ronald BarnesJuly 24, 2020

Wow! What a remarkable woman. May we all have her courage if we have our own trial of faith.



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