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September 29, 2022

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Stephane AkokiApril 25, 2020

Thank you all for those lovely comments. God bless you all.

Jean PetersenApril 23, 2020

It would be good to hear how the Lord helped Stephane get out of China. His story must be pretty good to get out of that situation!

AnitaApril 22, 2020

Thank you, Stephane, for sharing this deeply personal and sobering story of how the Lord led you through a number of trials culminating in an especially dark time of tribulation. This reader can sense the gratitude you no doubt will carry for the rest of your life for how He comforted, strengthened and eventually healed you.

Gerald FullerApril 22, 2020

Indeed, God has a plan for each spirit which He sends or allows to come to this earth. That does not mean that every one will live long and happy lives in mortality. It does not mean that every one will recover from illness. I have no idea why I am in my 91st year of mortality while my oldest son died suddenly at the age of 65. Does this mean that God's plan is sometimes thwarted? I cannot believe so.

Debra, Las VegasApril 22, 2020

What an inspirational story! Thank you for sharing what you went thru. When all is well, you will look back on this experience for the personal growth it afforded you. Your story also strengthens me and all those who know you or are also touched by your story. Thank you, brother. Peace.

LeslieApril 22, 2020

What a fantastic story. Thank you for sharing your testimony of a God of Miracles and Mercy and how important revelation is in our daily lives. God Bless You.

Karen HaeringApril 22, 2020

I love hearing and reading this story of fear, of blessings untold and knowing you are truly never alone, because he is always with us if we eyes to see, ears to listen and a heart that feels His presence and love in the little things. Thank you for sharing!

C. JensenApril 22, 2020

What a remarkable and unifying t story. Thank you so much for sharing it, and you'll be in my prayers for a full recovery.



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