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May 30, 2023

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KathrynMarch 31, 2020

Have followed you since Joy School years. Now enjoying your ideas for grandparents. Would love to see the picture of your family tree that you wrote about in article #9. Keep up the good work. Kathryn

Curtis and Joanne HoehneMarch 31, 2020

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful idea on connecting with our children and grandchildren. We look forward to sharing our ancestor stories! We appreciate your keen insights and experiences. Seems like yesterday when we raised our young family on Joy School. Now they are being blessed by you again. Best wishes.

Joy ReeseMarch 31, 2020

I live alone so spent last Sunday a day of Fasting and Prayer by myself. I was blessed with the thought to spend my time writing the history about this particular Sunday (3/29/2020)and the corona virus. I told the story. I then ended my story with my testimony and sent it to my family including my 8 grandchildren. I was so blessed and grateful.

kathleen mortensenMarch 31, 2020

I would love to see a photo of your family tree!

MaryKaren SolomonMarch 31, 2020

Richard and Karen, this is a great idea! And I’m going to get started on it now. I think this would be a lovely gift for my grandchildren.

MarthaMarch 31, 2020

Thanks so much for this.. I have been praying, asking for ideas that I can do for my 15 grandchildren , all of whom are living apart .. and I am isolated . Finding this article is an answer to my prayers. I can make stories about our ancestors for these precious grandchildren. I will look back and read your earlier articles as well, thank you.... could you let us see a picture of your family tree that you described ?



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