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April 6, 2020

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Janie BrayMarch 29, 2020

Thanks for sharing this. In these times of uncertainty, the one true thing we can hold fast to are our testimony , and you have certainly bolstered up many with your article. Hugs

Tom NibleyMarch 26, 2020

This reminds me of the way Brigham Young lived his life, and taught that we should also. Here is a quote of his from the Journal of Discourses: You who have surplus flour hoarded up, give it to the poor, and say that you will trust in God. The first year that I came into this valley I had not flour enough to last my family until harvest, and that I had brought with me, and persons were coming to my house every day for bread. I had the blues about one day; I went down to the old fort, and by the time I got back to my house I was completely cured. I said to my wife, “Do not let a person come here for food and go away empty handed, for if you do we shall suffer before harvest; but if you give to every individual that comes we shall have enough to last us through.” I have proven this many a time, and we have again proven it this year. I have plenty on hand, and shall have plenty, if I keep giving away. More than two hundred persons eat from my provisions every day, besides my own family and those who work for [me.] I intend to keep doing so, that my bread may hold out, for if I do not I shall come short. Do you believe that principle? I know it is true, because I have proven it so many times. (JD 3:332-333)

RichardMarch 25, 2020

Wonderful article! I have had so many similar experiences. Any one experience might be explained away, but when one looks at them collectively, it becomes undeniable that God's blessings are upon us when we keep his commandments.

Karen W AustrawMarch 25, 2020

Thank you

JulieMarch 25, 2020

This is true because whatever you give the Lord he multiplies. Just like with the 5 loaves of bread and two fish God can do way more with our time, money and talents because he can multiply them through our sacrifice. I have found that one reason we give the Lord our sabbath days and keep it Holy is so he can increase holiness in us. It is a wonderful day of sanctification if we choose it.

GayeMarch 25, 2020

Becky, thank you for your wonderful testimony if the Lord's economy. I'm moved by your example and faith. You are an inspiration as evidenced by your work at Rising Star. Danny and David A are my nephews. You have been such a blessing in their lives. Thank you for loving the Lord's economy. May he bless you richly!

DTMarch 25, 2020

I love this! I love reading follow up to the Rising Star Outreach, after the Meridian Magazine campaign by Scot and Maurine Proctor. I love supporting Rising Star in a small way with every family purchase on smile.Amazon. (Did you know you can specify a charity to receive a small percentage of your purchase prices on Amazon? Go to smile.Amazon) This leprosy community is a very worthy cause. The Lord is mindful of the needy, and those righteous who seek to serve Him.

MargaretMarch 25, 2020

We have our house for sale in the middle of a pandemic! We close on our new home in 3 days with no offers on our home. I woke up very early this morning in panic mode. I felt a nudging from the spirit to pick up my phone and check my email. I found this article. As I read about your experiences in selling your homes, I was filled with the spirit of peace to go ahead with the purchase. I now know as I strive more diligently to keep His commandments and live His laws, the Lord will do the rest! Your article was an answer to my prayer. Thank you

DianeMarch 25, 2020

AWESOME!! This article brought tears to my eyes. I have long had the “simple” faith that the Lord honors those who honor Him, and I loved the experiences shared in this article!

Kathryn StonehockerMarch 25, 2020

I love this so much! Thank you for the courage to follow your conscience and for the courage to share your conviction and experience. I know this is a true principle.



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