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February 8, 2023

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GeneseeNovember 19, 2019

Great article, I as well look forward to reading your articles. To the member who continued to stay faithful while the people who you thought were Christ following members. WOW I am happy you stayed true and held to the rod. I am shocked. I’ve never heard of such a thing. So sad for all those people. Prayerfully your son will return.

Harold RustNovember 16, 2019

Thanks for the invitation. Growing up in a small town where everyone I knew was either an active member or an inactive member, I just assumed that ultimately anyone who honestly searched for truth would stay actively involved while the rest would not because they were too distracted, lazy, or negative. Now that I know so many good friends who have a family member no longer active (or have actually formally left the Church) I realize these who have left aren't necessarily distracted, lazy, or negative. That is why they need a continuing dialog that can open their heart and their spirit to a broader way of thinking as is being presented in this article. I look forward to the future dialog examples. Thanks.

GaryNovember 13, 2019

I loved this well thought out article! Thanks so much! Keep up the good work!

RickNovember 13, 2019

Dialogue is essential to understanding others' perspectives and clarifying misconceptions. If we avoid engaging in difficult conversations then we miss the opportunity to heal wounded hearts and gain insight into our own prejudices and biases. I look forward to your future articles and learning more about how to engage in these difficult conversations out of love and concern for others.

StephanieNovember 13, 2019

Well, I’ll be there to read your next comments on this subject. Can’t imagine too many members of the church that don’t know even personally a “Alma the Younger.” I want to hear how you’ll approach will be with the flack they shovel out. I’m sure I’ll learn something on how to be a wise parent or just a member of His church to others who have let go of that Iron Rod. For me it’s just patience.

VardellNovember 13, 2019

Thank you for an article that states the importance of defending ones faith and beliefs. The word for this is apologetics. At a time when my faith was challenged the answers supplied by FAIR were a life saver. Many LDS are afraid of appearing contentious, not understanding that there is a difference between being contentious and contending for ones faith. Remember, Alma contended with Zeezrom and he was converted. Here is a beautiful quote that states the value of contending for ones faith. "For we ought to know, that if anyone is conquered by the truth, it is not he that is conquered, but the ignorance that is in him, which is the worst of all demons; so that he who can drive it out receives the palm of salvation." The Clementine Recognitions; book 2, chapter 69

Kenny Mazzanti (please withhold name)November 13, 2019

Open, positive conversation is always a benefit, and it may even lead a person to seek a spiritual conversion of the truth. But, it is the spiritual conversion that is essential. Nehor, Korihor and many others over the years sought to destroy the church from inside and from outside. Those "ravening wolves" come from inside and are very destructive; if you let them. Twenty years ago, my wife and I moved from California to another state. We moved ourselves with the help of our teenage son without asking for help from "The Mormon Moving Machine" at either end. Upon settling in, we were visited by nine (9) separate sisters from our new ward family who asked us to leave. They did not want our "evil influence" coming from California to their fair valley. We went to church the following Sunday. Our son was a handsome young man who caught the attention of many of the young sisters during Sacrament meeting and Sunday School. During the meeting of the Priest Quorum, the young men told him that he was not welcome at the upcoming Priest/Laurel social. He reported this to me after church that day. I talked to the Bishop about this and his reply was "Well, I let the boys run their own quorum." That was 21 years ago and he hasn't been active since. Some years later I asked his forgiveness because I felt that I had not given him whatever it was that he needed to overcome that experience. He told me that I had taught him well, but if the members of his own quorum didn't want him, why would he want to be there? About two years later, Elder Ballard of The Twelve, spoke at a televised conference to 14 Stakes in the region. The TV shot was up close of his face. He named off seven Stakes that were in need of repentance. Then he said, "You other seven; don't think you are getting off easy because you need to repent more than they do!" He then proceeded to chastise the leadership of 14 Stakes for being "exclusive" and not reaching out to their neighbors. It was a long and painful epistle. Upon concluding that meeting, the men of our stake just walked away quietly, but nothing changed. At least not where we were. But, my wife and I eventually moved away and are now serving a mission. We were strong enough to withstand the deliberate attack of the members of that ward because our souls were already converted to the truth; not because someone debated the pros and cons of church membership with us. It is not discussion, debate, or man's reasoning that gives us strength; it is the Spirit of God. Since those days I have wondered why was Alma, the Younger, so special that he was struck dumb unto repentance by an angel of the Lord, but my son was not? Why the sons of Mosiah and not my son? I continue to try to live by the Spirit with hope that my son will return one day of his own free will because he is spiritually reborn. I know there are many others who have wondered and wait as I do for their lost sheep to return to the fold and the family.

HelenNovember 13, 2019

As the only active member left in my and my husband's families (including him), could be enlightening. Looking forward to it!

SharonNovember 13, 2019

Great article, so excited to read your next upcoming, we have family members that I will share with! Thanks



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