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March 24, 2023

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Sandy ReddishJune 30, 2019

This is just beautiful thanks for sharing! There is something very special about being up at night with a little one....unforetunetly , none of my kids have been good sleepers and I was bleary eyed and desperate by baby number 5. When one of my good friends noticed I wasn't looking so hot and shared her secret (she has seven kids)... So long story short look up Woombies. They are special jammies to help babies sleep and are divine....worth every penny. Also I would try to sleep when he sleeps. You will recover better and get stronger faster if you do it. Get a nice thick eye mask for daytime sleep....

Elouise LambJune 24, 2019

Thanks for sharing your beautiful story of becoming a new mother. Your words remind me of my experiences of bringing each of my four children into the world. The hardest times of my life yet the sweetest and most meaningful times that I wouldn’t trade for anything. God bless you and your precious little family!

Paralee EckmanJune 24, 2019

I love the way you write, and describe what each of us mothers have felt. I am now 84 years old, and the mother of 9 children -- the oldest of which I, now a widow, live with. He will be 63 years old this summer, and if you enjoy these days, wait until they grow up, have children of their own, and become a grandparent themselves! My oldest is now a Patriarch, and has given me such joy. I also have some beloved children, who have chosen a path that at this time doesn't include being active in our Church. But our prayers will never cease. Thanks for your beautifully written story. You'll have many more stories in the future yet to be written, as you live your own life!

jwJune 24, 2019

Beautifully written!! You tell a story that we mothers all relate to, and describe our multitude of feelings so well. Congratulations.

AlissaJune 24, 2019

I laughed, I cried, I smiled, and boy oh boy did I relate as I read this article. I could not have put my own experience becoming a mother in better words.

JoyceJune 24, 2019

Enjoy it all now. Time goes so fast he will be 45 years old in no time at all. This is the best time.

Joy LundbergJune 24, 2019

I loved reading this article. What a beautiful baby! What a beautiful mother. What a blessed daddy. Thanks for sharing on such an intimate level. Mothers everywhere can relate.

Sandra Baird PattonJune 24, 2019

He's beautiful! Now, at 77, I still remember the 3 a.m. feedings. It's a magical time of night.

J COLLINS MEEKJune 24, 2019

Dear Mariah, This is my 4 am response to your 3 am mother thoughts and poignant feelings. I'm so grateful that you are able to share in such a heartfelt way. I am a learning specialist, and a man, so, as I tell my clients: we men can intellectually understand what the drama of motherhood is all about, but because we don't have wombs (and fulsome mother feelings) there is no way in which we will ever be able to really fully "get it." No way. Thank you, Mariah, for helping to move us partway on this impossible journey. - Doc Meek, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada, June 24, 2019



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