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May 18, 2022

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Cal MomJune 12, 2020

It’s interesting that the church will never force people to vaccinate, but commenters on here are all for forcing it. Why blame unvaccinated when most vaccinated are not current. Many vaccines have to be repeated to be effective and adults are the worst “offenders”. Many on here suggest for others to study and get educated, travel and see less fortunate countries etc. Very naive to assume non-vaccinators have not done that. In fact, they have to study more because it’s easier to follow the crowd and have most drs backing you up. Fortunately, our M.D. stayed current with the research -past and present- and cared more about our health than his profits. One day we will look back and see this was the biggest fraud perpetuated on humans.

Gordon J HensleyJune 5, 2019

If too many people choose the "natural immunity" route, there will come a time when we will experience the heartache of high childhood mortality again. And we will have brought it upon ourselves. Before vaccines, life was brutal and short. As late as the 1950's children were still getting polio and spending their short lives in iron lungs. Do we really want to bring that back? Adversity brings growth and strength, but there's no need to become a martyr.

A thoughtJune 2, 2019

@DonHoffman There have been multiple studies that have shown absolutely no link between autism and the MMR vaccine. Business Insider just published an article about it in the last couple of months:

Don HoffmanJune 2, 2019

it's a big business, and more is not better, especially for babies. Seventeen vaccinations before 2yrs old? Talk to some of my friends with autistic children due to the MMR vaccine. Learn the truth that the CDC in Atlanta tried to cover up, but one of their top scientists became a whistler blower and showed it was all about money. Vaccinations surely have their place, but wisdom is required from the general public, because in Government and Big Pharma it is not to be found.

TessMay 29, 2019

It is indeed tragic that we have so little faith in the immune system that God built. One wonders how we can be so selective in choosing which "arm of flesh" to believe. In China, with reported 100% vaccine rates, these same break outs described as crisis, are happening. The same in Montreal. Over and over it is seen. The down sides of vaccines are seen through the vaccine injury being identified, and even compensated for in spite of the immunity (pun intended) that has been bestowed upon vaccine companies. The GlaxoSmithKline in-house reports from Italy were a tipping point for me. When international court rulings allow us a glimpse at the known fatalities, disabilities and additional side effects of vaccines, I beg to differ that the measles is our biggest foe. I chose to stay in the church but I cannot understand how members reconcile this deep dependence on medical understanding while claiming to believe in the word of the Lord. Lean not unto thine own understanding, right?

ElizabethMay 29, 2019

Persuasion is powerful. It's how we're encouraged to share the Gospel as well. If we had a 95% vaccine rate, we would be disease free. What a wonderful state of affairs that would be. The money that could be saved, the lives of everyone improved. Vaccines are a modern day medical miracle.

DebbieMay 24, 2019

MAKE a person become pro-vaccine. Wouldn't encourage be a better choice of words? Shock value works both ways. Look a look at the damage done by vaccinations might encourage pro-vaccines to change to anti- vaccine.

Lynn AdairMay 23, 2019

I completely agree with the other comments but am not as well spoken. I am against most vaccines. I had the measles as a child and I'm Fine!! I have read that a measles vaccine wears off about 5-6 years later and getting measles as a teenager is much more dangerous. My friends who have had the flu vaccine, usually get the flu. I haven't had one for decades and guess what! I haven't had the flu. Sorry BYU, you are incorrect!

Toni PorterMay 23, 2019

Outbreaks of an "eradicated" disease cannot be attributed to those within that community who have not been vaccinated, but to those who come into that community who have or carry the disease. If we are to be transparent and educated about vaccines, let's be honest about who can transmit them to others. One cannot become a carrier simply because he/she is unvaccinated. Let's be realistic about who is bringing the diseases into an area which has been "eradicated of the disease," and focus on making changes in, perhaps, our porous border and immigration practices.The worst offenders in the vax/don't vax argument are the very lucrative pharmaceutical companies who should be using some of their profits to develop safer vaccines. They are the beneficiaries as they sell problematic vaccines in ever-increasing numbers, due to requirements forced upon citizens. I'm not an anti-vaxer, but I smell something fishy in the cozy arrangement between government and big pharma.

Tess WardleMay 23, 2019

I still think anyone who does not vaccinate in today's world is so ill informed. However, no one is denying them the right to choose not to vaccinate. They just reap the consequences of their actions. Yes, there are the rare people who have a reaction.... Talk to the relative suffering from the effects of polio as a child. If one chooses not to vaccinate they deserve to be excluded from school during an outbreak as they are unnecessarily exposing others that may be immune suppressed. It just seems like such a step backward. I have never understood the mentality not to vaccinate. At least in our country you have that right. Go to China or some place where you don't have those choices!

Kathleen K MihokMay 23, 2019

I had the measles and complications. I got encephalitis. Very few children who get the measles end up with complications. I am still opposed to vaccinations. Allow parents to vaccinate for one disease at a time at a slower rate. The government has taken that right way from the parents. Guess what I am protected for the rest of my life while vaccinated children are not. The vaccine Co. and news media are using scare tactics as usual.

FOR CHOICEMay 23, 2019

I am sorry for those that have had lasting problems from diseases, however this does NOT give anyone the right to demand that everyone conform. We were given our agency for a reason. I do know there are other ways to help fight diseases that aren't vaccines and THEY WORK. We STILL NEED THE CHOICE. Please also look at the folks that did get the measles recently? Many HAD been vaccinated I have an autoimmune disease that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, and it’s not easy to live with. The comparison of disease results being compared to autoimmune diseases isn’t fair, as some of the autoimmune diseases are costly and have many lasting effects, too. Father in Heaven created our bodies to heal...and fight infections/diseases... IF we do our part, too. Please don’t use this to divide the United States (or our church) any more than it already is.

AnnaMay 23, 2019

To understand the importance of using vaccines for preventable diseases, i suggest : --spending time in under-developed nations, or at leat studying in-depth their health problems; --studying causes of death pre-vaccine by doing serious family history research; --reviewing literature on infant mortality and disability related to preventable diseases (such as infants born blind becuase mothers were exposed to rebella in the first tri-mester. Most of the objections are based on fear of "big pharma," intrusiveness into paental decision-making, poor and out-dated, incomplete research, and anecdotal social media stories that do not reflect all of the associated facts. When faced with millenia of information and real, documented case studies, the objections pale in significance.



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