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October 28, 2020

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TammyJune 8, 2019

Absolutely beautiful! The veil is so thin. What a blessing that Heavenly Father allows us to have these sacred experiences.

Ellen Hingst - May 2, 2019May 2, 2019

The clarion call from President Kimball, who said "Don't put off having your children" even if in school - with a spouse in graduate school, clinical psychology - how could I even think of bearing children, clinical directors counseled against getting married, much less children. I took it to the Lord, simply, in prayer. As I was driving home one night, all five of my children showed up in the car - each one with the looks (I saw in my mind so clearly) and personality - expressing to me that indeed, they are my children! How grateful I am for that experience that continues to strengthen me. I have gone on to have similar experiences with some of my grandchildren - how remarkable it is that we can have experiences and joy with those who we have contracts with and are strengthened by covenant relationships! Thank you for the article!

Jill Dowding-WalkerMay 1, 2019

I did not get married until I was 37. Several times before that I had suffered deep depression episodes. During some of those episodes, I seriously considered ending my life. Through those trials I often dreamed of a young child with wavy blonde hair, dressed in dungarees, running around a field, laughing as I chased. I always felt comforted by this recurring dream. The same dream sporadically over almost 2 decades of my life. When we married, we hoped to have a child, but as I had also had hormonal issues, thought that may not happen. My husband said it didn't matter; that I was enough for him, if that was how it was meant to be. After almost 3 years of marriage, even when I was alone in the house, I felt like someone was in the next room, or just behind me. After 5 weeks of this, when in spiritual receptivity, I felt prompted to buy a pregnancy testing kit. 8 months later, our beautiful, healthy, daughter was born. One summer day when she was 2½ we were playing on the village green in front of our cottage. She had blonde wavy hair, was wearing dungarees, laughing and running ahead of me chasing her. Suddenly I stopped in my tracks recognising, "This is the dream! It was her!" I had a spiritual witness to my soul that she had been telling me since my early 20s that this day would come. We were sealed as a family when she was 7.

C ShieldsApril 28, 2019

The veil between the pre-existence was thin for me, too – with each of my 4 pregnancies including communication prior to their incarnation. One, was prophesied to my new husband before either of us knew I was carrying a child. This was exciting news, as we were anxious to start our young family! The next one let me know her name (Jessica) and that she wasn’t going to stay, because she needed to be on the other side helping me with the child who was yet to come. I miscarried her shortly thereafter. With the third one, I was told the gender and name he was to be called here in mortality (Newell), which interpreted, means ‘solidity’ (something I often needed, along with Jessica’s help, in order to deal with his special needs!). Like the newel post that anchors the stairwell, he taught me how to stand strong while we dealt with the particular challenges his existence proffered. With my last one, the Spirit came over me one day, showing me a child who was anxiously awaiting his body – a blonde haired little boy. My sweet little caboose was born 9 months later. I am so grateful for these connections to eternity - witnessing the divinity this stewardship invokes. <3

carol Anne DeAdderApril 27, 2019

When my son was married in the Manti temple, I had a quick glimpse of three children standing at the altar. The third child who looked to be two years old, was running around the altar while the other two appeared to be girls, standing straight and reverently. Within six years, my son and his wife had three children, two girls and a busy little boy. Just as I had seen on his wedding day. These three children have been strong in the gospel all their lives.

Karen BukerApril 27, 2019

Of my ten children I only had an experience like this with one of them. That was my 9th child and the night before she was born I was aware of a beautiful young woman with long brown hair and a calm peaceful spirit standing by my bed. She said, “My name is Amy Jo” and then she left. I told my husband and he said, Then that’s her name. My 10th child, also a daughter, was born on Christmas Day and weighed 11 pounds 9 ounces. I had lost her twin at about 3 months but continued to carry her. The due date was in late October and the Dr. assumed I had conceived her after the miscarriage. She told me when she was very young that she had told the people she wanted to be born on Christmas and they told her that would be hard on me. She said she asked them if I would be okay and they told her I would. I don’t think she remembers that now but she definitely remembered it then.

Susan D'AndreaApril 27, 2019

After our third son was born, he would often look at a lamp or light and smile. I always thought he was remembering Jesus, whose "brightness and glory defy all description" (Joseph Smith 's description from the first vision). At our son's blessing some in the circle said that our baby looked up at the lights on the ceiling and smiled during his blessing. They also thought he was remembering Jesus.

Lori BenyoApril 27, 2019

I've had numerous experiences like this. After our third child (2 boys and a girl) my husband felt our family was complete. I didn't so I prayed to ask the Lord how many children we should have. My patriarchal blessing said "there are choice spirits being reserved to come through your loins" so I wanted to make sure we weren't missing anyone. As I prayed I heard a distinct clear voice in my mind state " you will have (another) boy and two girls. It took me several years to talk my husband into that many children but he couldn't deny it was revelation when he saw that we did indeed have another boy and two girls. On another instance my 2nd child who was 4 at the time was sitting at the breakfast table when he announced he'd had a dream that he was an angel watching me. "Mommy you were doing very bad stuff like drinking beers and smoking cigarettes, but then you decided to be good and follow Jesus". I was pretty shocked to hear this. After high school I had gotten into a very bad relationship and was pulled down a negative path. It was a very dark time in my life and certainly not a memory I had shared with my small children. I realized that in spite of my struggles I had angels watching over me... My future children.

W TaggApril 26, 2019

I also believe that new born babies remember their pre earth-life. I remember once holding my fussy little grandson,less than five months old.. I couldn't calm him down until out of the blue I asked him. " Do you remember Jesus. Immediately he stopped crying and looked up at me. I just kept talking to him about Jesus and Heavenly Father and he stayed perfectly calm the whole time. That was a long time ago and he is now a faithful returned missionary.

HalApril 26, 2019

I had similar experience to those expressed in the article and comments. When our youngest son was born, I felt my mother's presence in the delivery room. She had passed away unexpectedly five months earlier. I think these types of experiences are not limited to biological children. A dear friend of mine was showing The House of The Lord film strip to his family back in the 1980's. When the sealing room in the Salt Lake Temple showed on the screen, his then 5-year-old adopted son piped up and said "I know where that is; that's where you and mom got married." My friend looked dumbfounded at his son and asked, "How did you know that?" The boy pointed at the screen and said, "I was standing right over there." I love these tender mercies and glimpses into the eternities that bolster my testimony and give me hope for the future.

Mary JurgaitisApril 26, 2019

I have known that I had experiences with ALL 6 of my children. I loved pondering on those experiences as a result of reading this article. The most important experience was seeing my children standing together and saying "NOOO, mom and dad! You can't be a ZPG advocate. You promised us." After we got married, we had determined that we weren't going to have any children. Then the missionaries knocked on our door. As our family grew and has grown to this point (now 15 grandchildren, we figured that our children sent the missionaries who taught us the plan of salvation (happiness). After we were baptized, we knew they had banded together to make that happen.

Steve PerezApril 26, 2019

I had a similar experience with one of our eight children before her birth, where her name came to me during a prayer. The veil is thin for dad’s too.

Jacqueline FarnsworthApril 26, 2019

I believe these stories because of similar experiences with preborn children in my life. Couples should pray for inspiration in choosing how many children to bear because there may be prior commitments made that should be honored. Thank you for this testimony building article.

Eunice RobertsonApril 26, 2019

When my daughter announced she was pregnant with her second child, that night I dreamed I was holding a baby in my arms. He was communicating telepathically with me, and he kept saying, "My name is Michael. Please don't forget. Throughout my daughter's pregnancy this child would keep visiting me, repeating his message. I got to know him, that he had boundless energy, was always laughing, would always run everywhere. When my daughter delivered her child, it wasn't him, but a little girl, and I told my daughter there was a little boy yet to come. In the 6 years until he finally came to earth, Michael kept visiting me, and the last dream I had of him, he appeared to be about 3 or 4 years old. When he was born, he looked so much like the child I had seen in my dreams. I warned my daughter of his energy, his intelligence, his laughter, and he is absolutely the same child of my dreams, and of course, his name had to be Michael, as he had told me before.



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