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April 13, 2021

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DavidMarch 27, 2019

Alexander, per Joseph Smith - History, verse 19, the prophet Joseph records the Lord told him that “all their CREEDS were an abomination...” The Lord did not condemn the body of humble believers but the man-made creeds that led them astray.

Rita MillerMarch 27, 2019

Alexander, President Nelson did not meet with the Pope in order to join the Catholic Church. He went as the Lord's duly appointed representative and Prophet. The doctrines of the other churches are abominations to the Lord, because they are not pure. The people belonging to those churches, however, are precious children of our Heavenly Father, and we are to reach out to them in love, proclaiming the truth boldly, but respectfully. President Nelson is a master at that, and his example is to be emulated.

Gina McDougallMarch 26, 2019

Alexander Forsyth, I believe the abomination still stands in that the beliefs and doctrines of other faiths still leads the people astray in their understanding of gospel truths. I believe that this (the abomination) does not reflect upon the people themselves.There are many good, God fearing people in the world regardless of their religious beliefs, that are true Christians in heart, word and deed. This I know because my Aunts and Uncles are Seventh Day Adventist, Salvation Army and Catholic. They are good Christian people and do a lot of good in their communities.Heavenly Father knows His children and Jesus Christ knows His sheep, and the day will come when all knees shall bow and all tongues will confess that Jesus is the Christ. God looks on the heart and so should we.This is my opinion, Alexander, and how I understand it.Have a great day x

Alexander ForsythMarch 26, 2019

Prophet Joseph was told not to join any of the churches as they were an "abomination" unto God. With President Nelson meeting Pope Francis and contact held with other Churches, does the "abomination" still stand?



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