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June 15, 2024

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VardellFebruary 15, 2019

I’m happy to see you arrive at this answer; “the secret to his greatness was not perfect conduct, it was that he knew in Whom he had trusted.” We cannot self perfect ourselves into a state of spiritual re-birth, or of being redeemed. Christ offers us a remission of sins despite our imperfections. He offers us His transformative influence in our lives if we will just ask. Alma was a wicked man and was born again, redeemed, even changed to a state of righteousness simply by pleading for the mercy of Christ. Mosiah 27:24 The people of King Benjamin were righteous people, but they did the same thing. Mosiah 4:2 Do you see a pattern here? One thing not in these accounts is a concerted and lengthy self perfection effort, but rather a pleading to Christ, who then forgives and changes them. We see it also in these accounts: enos, lamoni, and lamoni’s father. Maybe we too need to plead for His mercy.

FrancesFebruary 15, 2019

I have finally learned that God can give us bad days to help us stop and reassess where we are going. Often the endless rush to accomplish, 100 names submitted to temple, 25 endowments last year make it 50 this year, or whatever we set as our goals, can distract us from the very real goals of becoming like Christ. He took time out to teach the Samaritan woman, not just rush on to his next appointment. He taught Mary and Martha and by extension all of us what was of most worth. So use paper plates some days. Leave the laundry undone. Take a day to be quiet or have your nails done. Spend a week in quiet contemplation of who you want to be and how it aligns with what you believe God wants of you. This life is homework and we all know that gets thrown away at the end of the school year.

Russell C AndersonFebruary 15, 2019

I think Moroni gets a bad rap by all to many who wish to assume he misjudged his government head. As the scripture points out Moroni used strategy, even after consulting a prophet. Military leaders lead and they don't always know all the facts. Its is the responsibility of the government to communicate with their military anything that would add or assist that military in their efforts. There is no indication in the scripture that the goverment head did so, but he seened to be able to communicate after Moroni's rebuke. There are to many gaps in the account to paint an accurate conclusion.

Jack J; Central PennsylvaniaFebruary 15, 2019

I can identify with this in many ways; I often do not feel exceptional. A couple of things thing you said though struck me. "Can there be exquisite joy for those of us who are living decent, Gospel-centered lives, but sense that we are capable of much greater spiritual sensitivity and power than we currently are accessing?" and "Let’s look at the life of Chief Captain Moroni. We all know the famous statement about him." I often don't feel worthy of anything close to those statements. I'm a relatively new member and am far from remembering scriptures, save maybe a few. And while I'm no longer living in daily sins that threaten my salvation, I sometimes feel like I'm clinging to a thread rather than an iron rod. The adversary is intense and relentless, always at me. I trust the Lord and am committed to enduring to the end. I didn't put my toes in the water when I got baptized. I jumped in. I've been immersing myself in scriptures and everything I can to maintain my newly minted connection with God. But it's hard, really hard.

Jennifer StewartFebruary 15, 2019

Thank you for this article helping me to see the power of agency and choice. The men of character cited took the higher road when justification and rationalization of character flaws could have won the day. There is always a way through challenges when we choose to believe and look to our Saviour. Thank you for pointing us in that direction.

Burger BobFebruary 15, 2019

Captain Moroni didn't need to repent in relation to what he wrote to Pahoran. Moroni told Pahoran that if he were in partnership with the king men, then he would clean house because a house divided is more detrimental to a nation and a people than the enemy from outside. He told Pahoran that the Lord had instructed that we clean the inner vessel first. Pahoran, being the good and just man that he was, was able to understand why he was censored and although it hurt, he could see why. As the chief judge and ruler of the Nephite nation, he told Captain Moroni what to do, come to his aid and leave his chief officers in charge of the war against the Lamanites with a blessing of protection and to be able to hang on until reinforcements came. This all worked out because the Nephite leaders followed the instruction from the Lord to never give offense, but to be prepared to protect their families, homes, religion, and country, which they did. Both of these good men had the greatest measure of integrity known to man. What would it be like today if the leaders our our countries had the integrity and righteous desires that these two good men had. We would have safety and peace and a wonderful nation of righteous people who deserve all the blessings promised those who serve the God of this land, even Jesus Christ. Captain Moroni is one of my heroes, Pahoran is also. If I could just be like Captain Moronin, Satan would have no power over me because I have made the decision to love the Lord my God and serve Him with complete integrity. I understand the message that is being taught here in this article, but we can't miss the point that Captain Moroni willingly gave Pahoran the opportunity to prove that he was a patriot and a lover of freedom as much as Captain Moroni was.



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