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October 27, 2021

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Beverly MooreSeptember 19, 2018

I experienced the sad experience of having my mother have a stroke that left her unable to talk or walk or care for herself. I cared for her full time for 2 years before she died and when she was finally gone I wondered where my grief took a long time to understand that I had already lost the mom I knew and had already grieved that lose. It might be the same for people with memory lose Gary Beal.

LexaGraemeSeptember 15, 2018

I am in a similar situation, Gary Beal. This may not be what you need, but I took some comfort in a 1987 article published in Ensign titled “Death of a Personality”.

Gary BealSeptember 14, 2018

Is there anything published regarding "grieving the living?" My wife has advanced Alzheimer's Disease, and is institutionalized. She doesn't speak, and often doesn't recognize me. While I visit her daily, for most intents and purposes, our relationship has died. She may live many more years, and this "in limbo" process can be very painful and disorienting to me. When someone dies, there is a type of closure provided. But that doesn't seem to be present for people in my situation.



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