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December 15, 2019

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ViolaJuly 13, 2018

Thank you so much for this article! It came at just the right time to help me face something scary. It was inspired. Thank you for sharing your experience.

PamelaJuly 12, 2018

Wow! Just wow! This hit me like a thunderbolt. Thank you for sharing. It is exactly what I needed for the changes in my life right now.

GTOJuly 12, 2018

Life-changing message. Thanks for this.

vickie cloudJuly 12, 2018

I have always had fear as a big part of my life. unfortunately I was taught fear. this is how my parents were able to control me and my siblings. they used fear. this was a common thing back in the old days to keep kids in line. it stays with you and its not always logical because its always there. as I grew up I over came many fears. however, in my dna there depression and anxiety disorder which is like fear. I developed a phobia because of a bad doctor I had seen for my depression. it only bothers me when im going through depression and I feel so grateful to the LOrd that it isn't always present. in my life I have had to overcome many obstacles and trials and one of my trials was being so ill I thought I was going to die. I lay in bed praying and I fell asleep and saw myself being busy and such great joy came over me. I thought that the business was me in the spirit world doing things instead of just hanging around there. I loved that idea and I lost the fear of death. then much later I realized that the Lord was telling me I wasn't going to die and be in the spirit world and that I was going to be here on the earth being that busy. that business was me doing indexing on many things. either doing grave indexing or death records. I realized at that point that I was no longer afraid to die because I believed what my Father in heaven told me in the scriptures. I have yet to overcome speaking before a large audience but one time I walked up and bore my testimony and didn't even remember that I was afraid to do it and when I got back to my seat I marveled at the fact that I had done so.

Diane FraughtonJuly 12, 2018

Thank you so much for your insight and this article.

Wendi JacksonJuly 12, 2018

Thank you for sharing your experience! It has enlightened my own mind and given me a tool to try today and to share with my family for Family Home Evening. It was just the thing I needed. I really appreciate your sharing!

Sarah T.July 12, 2018

As I sit with my newborn daughter this morning after bringing her home from the hospital last night, I felt prompted to pick up my phone and see what the article was on Meridian. With all the fears of being a mother for the first time, away from the professionals at the was no accident I read this now, at this moment. Thank you for including this article this specific morning.

Cynthia DeckerJuly 12, 2018

Come to the edge. I can't. I'm afraid. Come to the edge. I can't. I'll fall. Come to the edge. And so he came. And the master pushed him, And he flew. With apologies to Guillaume Apollinaire for changing some of his words.



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