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September 24, 2021

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pamela Morgan roderJuly 7, 2018

Well said Bob Taylor.

Joop ScholteJuly 7, 2018

It was interesting to note that after contacting church headquarters we were allowed to operate as the Congo group, under the wings of the Swiss Mission. Obviously this was years before the 1978 revelation, and now Kinshasa has 6 stakes and a temple under construction.

Bob TaylorJuly 6, 2018

Perhaps you do not need this type of resource - i do see a need because of my level of experience with this topic. Perhaps i have been living in a bubble all my life ( i am over 70 years old, joined the LDS Church when i was 22, and only recently moved to Utah) - to my knowledge, i have NEVER had friends or acquaintances that live with same sex attraction issues, if i did, they were not willing to open up to me - hence, outside of reading on the topic and guidance from our church leaders on how we should be relating to these people, my tools for relating to people with this issue are very limited - i am basically starting from scratch. I was not until about 5? years ago, in a stake conference i attended, that i even began to understand the magnitude of the feelings that people with same sex attraction have to handle - it was a comment from our then stake president that really opened my eyes to the whole topic. so, to repeat - if you do not need the added perspective - then good for you. I suspect that i am not alone in my lack of education on this topic, and look forward to hearing what the presenter has to offer.

Perla NielsonJuly 6, 2018

Thinking Differently About Same-Sex Attraction? Why do we need our leaders to touch this kind of topics? As a member, I am not too much interested in these kind of speeches.



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