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February 21, 2024

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LeahJanuary 4, 2018

In my opinion, just like a boss who wants to fire you will find a reason, a spouse who wants out will find an excuse. Marriages weather all sorts of problems when people are committed. When they are not committed, any wrinkle will be magnified and used to justify giving up. I don't mean to minimize the slapping thing, it is "physical abuse", but it didn't happen in a vacuum. Some spouses who are 'done' will bait you until you do something they can use against you.

David R. StapleyDecember 23, 2017

When a woman slaps a man she slaps the love right out of him. A slap is not an act to be taken lightly - it can't be taken at all. It wields a power that guillotines the heart strings and severs every semblance of joy and happiness. It will take the utmost farthing paid over and over again to put this humpty dumpty together again. A man will never forget a slap. Even if he "forgives" it, the sting and the damage will never go away. That heart attack never completely heals. Never.

MarenDecember 22, 2017

I would not dare form any opinion about either side of this scenario. Two to tango and best hopes that they can reconcile, however that may look. God bless them both!

justiredDecember 22, 2017

What would she do if the roles were reversed?

Equalitist MaximusDecember 22, 2017

Good for him. He has an abusive and controlling spouse. He should have pressed charges and put a restraining order on her.

BruceDecember 21, 2017

For knowing so little about the situation and the marriage, this was an incredibly good answer. I am sure there is a lot of background information missing. I had a friend who was told by police and his bishop that he just had to "take it" from his wife when she got physically abusive, so I am very grateful that you pointed out the legal issues that could occur. Thank you. I pray they can mend.



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