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February 8, 2023

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Catherine B.August 6, 2018

I took care of a school rabbit on weekends. I loved it so much and it loved me. One morning, I woke up suddenly because of a small earthquake (this was in California). It made a loud noise. Then, the rabbit was there with me--not in body, but in spirit--I recognized it immediately and knew it must have died. When I went to school the next day, I found out that the earthquake frightened it to death. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that animals have spirits. The fact that this bunny sought me out after it died proves to me that animals who love us will want to be with us. I also personally believe we will own them in the next life, just as we do here, as long as we treated them well.

MarcJuly 7, 2017

My mom's cat came to me early one morning, ambling down the hallway, and jumped up on the foot of my bed and sat there. I saw a gauzy shape, but I knew it was him. It was fantastic. Sure, animals are God's creation and they will be over there with us and that confirmed it for me. It was great seeing him again.

Robert CowartJune 3, 2017

Thanks for this article .I will be so happy to meet my pets later. Incidentally Many near death experiences I have read tell of individuals meeting their pets and they communicate telepathically. Wow, will we miss the barking?

hollandparkMay 29, 2017

I really appreciated this article and the efforts to research it by the author. One other that goes along with the other sources sited is in the LDS Bible Dictionary Revelation of John, Point of Doctrine #4 on pg 763.

Debi-Ann WardMay 25, 2017

I have always believed that animals will go to Heaven. However, mosquitos will not bite nor spread diseases, cockroaches might not look as ugly in Heaven, and the same for all other creatures--or we might be able to see their particular beauty even though we find some of them to be repulsive in this life. I also believe that we will not own our pets in heaven. If we were good to them, they may choose to visit us or to live near us or with us. I believe this measure is necessary because some pet owners, while not intending to be cruel, may have inadvertently caused death or injury to a pet. Likewise, people who are intentionally cruel to animals probably won't be in Heaven unless they sincerely repented of their sins. This does not include humane hunters who put food on the table by shooting a deer. God gave us permission to use animals for food and clothing--however, someone who enjoys being mean to an animal, that's another story. I, too, am comforted that scripture and revelation backs up the immortality of animals in Heaven--I have horses, birds, dogs, a couple of mink, and a few pet skunks I am anxious to see!

Estil TownsendMay 25, 2017

I have always thought that animals will be in heaven, however, I have wondered about Cockroaches, Mosquitoes, Flies and such insects which, (as far as can tell) serve no purpose other than to cause (and spread) deadly illnesses.


I'm pretty sure that spiders will be saved in the Telestial Kingdom.

RobbiAnnMay 25, 2017

So timely! We are letting our beloved dog return "home" today. This article is a tender mercy for our family. Thank you for putting all the known doctrine and revealed information into one article. We are grateful!

AvieleMay 24, 2017

I truly appreciate this article. My dad always told us growing up that our animals would be with us, but I live in a predominantly Catholic area, so my friends all said just the opposite. This just confirms what my dad taught. He is in the Spirit world now 37 years, and I hope his Thannon boy is with him. And Dave T--please re-read the article, animals are innocent, as little children. Children under the age of accountability do not need to be sealed to us, nor do our furry babies. Megan--your story is truly touching. I am sorry you had to go through that, but so glad you had your angel to get you through. What a glorious reunion that will be! Paulette--You are an angel. God bless you in your I know he does. :-)

Dave tMay 24, 2017

So do we need to be sealed to our pets in the temple?

Lorene CMay 23, 2017

I agree with Jaime. I think that if we desire and if our pets desire, we will be able to have them through eternity in whatever kingdom we end up in. I have had a bond with so many pets that it would be hard to consider eternity without them.

DorrieMay 23, 2017

As a young teen, many years ago, I attended a Catholic boarding school for nearly 2 years. Not having had any exposure to LDS doctrine, but feeling that only one church could be true, I entertained the idea of joining that church, as they claimed to be the only true one. Being very curious (to the dismay and consternation of the good nuns), I kept asking questions. The salvation of animals was one of many concerns. I had. As the school was K-12 grades, it had an extensive library of childrens books. Most were classics.. But any book or story which alluded that an animal could think or have a soul, such as Peter Rabbit, Aesop's Fables, etc. was censored from the library.

AbbieMay 23, 2017

We know the following: that all things were created spiritually before coming to this Mortal Physical Realm, that all things can have joy in fulfilling the measure of their creation, and the the reason the lion will lie down with the lamb and the child will play on the cockatrice's den is because they will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord ' the Scriptures are clear on that. Would it not stand to reason that animals have different degrees of spiritual advancement just like humans and will inherit one of the three glories? They will have to continue propagation of the species in order to populate future worlds. I have a yellow lab who passed on. she taught me so much about unconditional love, frankly forgiving, patience and trust. I felt she was sent to teach mr. After her death the spirit told me that she was romping in Celestial pastures. I believe it; she was certainly more Celestial than many people I know!

SDMay 23, 2017

Ozzie, Thor, Marshmallow, Butterscotch, China, Fritz....and more. So many tears when I lost you. So many tears of joy when we meet again. I always knew it.

Glen DanielsenMay 23, 2017

This is so hopeful and beautiful. It also makes patently good sense. Why would God's Heaven lack some of the beauty and love we have even here in the Telestial sphere, and hugely improved, beautified, and pure? Interesting though, to wonder about the appearance of celestial cockroaches and cicadas — pure white, dancing and singing like the ones in the movie 'Joe's Apartment'! We will wait and speculate!

Sharon ProctorMay 23, 2017

To me the words in the temple ceremony that state that not only animals but plants as well can "fill the measure of their creation and find joy therein" tells me they are eternal, have spirits, and will be resurrected. Whether they will all be exalted, or whether some may go to the other kingdoms of glory, I don't know. I have wondered if the determining factor could be how well they obey the laws they are given, though we don't know what they are anymore than they know what our laws are.

Janice VogtMay 23, 2017

I think I speak for many people who dearly loved their pets....."I don't want to go to Heaven if my dogs aren't there".

AngelaMay 23, 2017

We learn from the scriptures that in the millennial world savage beasts will undergo a change in their natures, that the lamb will lie down with the lion, and little children will play with poisonous snakes etc in complete safety. It seems unlikely to me, that such changes would occur unless a resurrected state for animals were to follow. The animal world is as fallen as the human world, but anyone who has had a pet that they have loved and received love back understands the great capacity for love and self-sacrifice that exists in the animal kingdom. Joseph Smith taught that man must lose his propensity for violence and savagery before the animal kingdom can follow suit. I do not pretend to know the final state of animals or how they will be judged, but I am in no doubt that they will participate in the resurrection and receive their due rewards.

Michel PanhuyzenMay 23, 2017

Nancy....I strongly believe no one, not even animals were forced to follow Satan. Why would God create such a beautiful animal and then give him to Satan? He wouldn't. Pitbulls are a strong breed that need exercise, discipline and proper training. I grew up around this breed and to put one breed in a particular "evil dog group" is ignorant . The owners who have trained this powerful breed for evil purposes are responsible for the reputation of this breed and they will be the ones answering to God on judgement day.

JamieMay 23, 2017

Why would you think animals have a different heaven than man? Why would a loving God keep us from having that same special bond with our pets in the eternities as we had here on Earth? I don't believe that for a second. I know for a fact I will be with all of my precious cats and dogs in the next life. Also - Nancy, if animals are innocent and ignorant and don't know right from wrong, how could they possibly choose to follow Satan? Give me a break. There are some very sweet pitbulls out there. It's the people who raise them to be vicious who are at fault.

Lisa MMay 23, 2017

Nancy, how can you make such a harsh comment after reading this wonderful article that gives great comfort to animal lovers that have may have lost pets and have been wondered for years about ever seeing them again? I think you kind of missed the point! This is a great article! Let it be.

MeganMay 23, 2017

When my parents divorced, my father bought me a cat. I was only 6 at the time, and without any comfort or protection from a parent while at my father's house--he was very angry and emotionally abusive. My cat was a tremendous source of comfort to me--she would come when I called, let me carry her and hold her whenever I wanted, and lay quietly on my bed and let me cry into her fur when I was sad or scared. In short, she wasn't a typical cat at all! I feel certain she was sent to be a ministering angel to me, inasmuch as any animal can be. She certainly filled the measure of her creation, and I know she will be waiting for me when I return home.

DebbieMay 23, 2017

I believe, Nancy, in the principle of agency and that it would be applied to animals as well. Nothing could be forced. God would not do that.

Christine ApplegateMay 23, 2017

I truly believe that all animals are born innocent!! Those that are mean are raised that way! They are abused, trained and bullied to become vicious! Pitbulls, dobermans, german shepherds, rottweilers can be some of the sweetest dogs around if raised in a loving atmosphere. If a pomeranian, shi tzu, poodle, etc are raised to be mean, vicious they will attack other dogs, people the same as a pitbull would. As people become as they are raised, so do animals. However, animals do not have a choice to change and I do not believe that Heavenly Father blames them if they are raised to be vicious and they are forced to hurt others because of it.

Herm OlsenMay 23, 2017

I'd hate like heck to be swatting mosquitoes in Heaven. Of course, I may be in Hell, where ticks, cockroaches and rattlers will abound.

DarrelMay 23, 2017

I do think that animals have there own heaven different than man.

Ron BarnesMay 23, 2017

It is my opinion that animals will also achieve a form of exaltation. Not that they will create worlds, but that they will perpetuate their species in the same way that exalted humans perpetuate their species. That they will also produce spirit offspring who will sent to worlds to experience their own mortal lives.

Nancy ColeMay 23, 2017

I notice u r showing loving pics of animals such as lab dogs and horses with young. How abt showing a pitbull killing another little dog or a person attempting to fend off an attack by these vicious dogs.Some animals are lovely, loyal, and no doubt belong in heaven. But I believe others , such as pitbulls to be exact, belong not in heaven. I believe Satan also has his animals, even tho God created them, they chose to or were forced to, go with Satan.

Paulette D.May 23, 2017

I have worked in the animal welfare world for more than 30 years and have been present as more than you want to know about have died. I bear my witness that their lives do not end, but their spirits leave and go to a better place. The veil can be very thin sometimes.



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