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March 27, 2023
March 27, 2023

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Steven BourneMay 19, 2017

During my 20 day stay in Paris, I learned that a Mormon Temple had been built near Versailles and was going to be dedicated the latter part of May. Happily, I was thrilled to know that an open house was planned for the general public before the dedicatory date. Having been a missionary in what was then the Franco-Belgian Mission during 1965-1968 and being in Paris on vacation, I made a reservation for a tour. The entire experience was worth the train trip to Versailles. After the tour, I felt humbled and grateful for this rare chance of seeing this glorious edifice ready to serve the members of the Church in France as well as other countries. I will cherish this day for the rest of my Life!

Lili GurrMay 18, 2017

As a former Missionary to France over 50 years ago, I burst into tears at the announcement of the Paris Temple by Pres. Monson!!! The wonderful French members have waited so long for this to come about. I wanted do badly to go to the Open House, mais quel domage, ce n'est pas possible! But what a glorious day it shall be when it is dedicated.....the day before my birthday!!!

ccMay 18, 2017

why no photos of paris temple in your article about it i was hoping to see some of it?

Clifton Palmer McLendonMay 18, 2017

I am always surprised at ANY negative reaction to a Temple open house. Even if someone doesn't believe a word of LDS teachings, what possible objections could ANYBODY have to seeing a beautiful building?

SchlumpyMay 18, 2017

Great article for those too far away to go themselves!

BigDewMay 18, 2017

The Church will move forward regardless of government opposition or ignorance. Jesus Christ is at its head! Beautiful temple, beautiful church. Merci fr et Sr Calmels pour tout votre travail et vos efforts pour l'Eglise. Il faut remercier également toutes les "petites mains" que l'on ne voit pas forcément

Lesley Allen GabbitasMay 18, 2017

Thank you for sharing this very informative article! I am grateful to hear how the church has grown in France over the past 30 years since I served my mission in Paris. I may have been a trainer/companion to Shauna S. (first comment) in Nogent-Sur-Marne. Is that you, Soeur? I would love to hear from you. Lesley Gabbitas

Denise MortorffMay 18, 2017

Thank you for helping us see the progress being made in public relations for the Church in France. The story of the first Temple President would be a wonderful one to share. It appeared in Church publications years ago. My daughter served in the Lyon Mission and had great respect for the people and the culture there. We plan to someday visit the temple there go together.

Shauna SMay 18, 2017

Thank you so much for this uplifting and informative article. I am grateful to be made aware of even more details about how the Lord works and the way that He gets His work done, frequently when we are not looking. AN aide who lived with an LDS family? building the temple across from Versailles? Bishop Causse and Br Calmels? these are not coincidences but the Lord's hand at work. I've been home from my mission in France for over 30 yrs and THRILLED that the French are finally getting their own temple. Que Dieu vous benisse

Sœur Bendio, La Mission Française de ParisMay 18, 2017

Very informative article; thanks so much! May I use this in the mission history for the France Paris Mission? I wish I had been able to meet you (again) when you were here to visit!

DorisMay 17, 2017

Brother Calmels -- what a wonderful and patient 17 years of work you performed. Thank you. Sister Proctor, thank you for this wonderful article about all the trials and hurdles Brother Calmels had to handle. The open houses and the reasons why political leaders couldn't attend, the history of the country, and the descriptions of emotions of those who attended the open houses was very emotional. How proud those builders and families must have felt, and then the spirit rested upon them. Wonderful. The Church in France can now move forward with much greater understanding and support.

Dennis DoyleMay 17, 2017

What a wonderful and insightful article! When I was teaching French, I would teach my students several of the beautiful French Christmas songs, starting in December. I had a French foreign exchange student who complained to the principal that I was teaching religion in school! I cry for the French who have abandoned their beautiful Christian culture and heritage. Darn Napoleon and the French Revolution!

Sally SmithMay 17, 2017

This article shows how the Lord works through His saints to bring about His purposes. A true miracle!

Lawrence JeppsonMay 17, 2017

Sixtyfive years ago I wrote a monumental master's thesis for Boston University, "Information and Misinformation, the Press Relations for the French Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." No one knows what that situation was better than I. One of the key factors I found which determined whether an article was favorable or unfavorable was if the writer had had any personal contact with a Latter-day Saint. The reaction to the temple is a glorious manifestation of the truth of that fact. One of the missionaries from my time worked in five citiesl The average church meeting attendance was two or three members. Now every one of those cities is a stake! How wonderful.

Leonie GoodwinMay 17, 2017

Thank you for this article, I found it. Very interesting to read. A blessing for the church and the gospel. I found this a very inspiring article.

S AslettMay 17, 2017

Excellent reading. Thank you

dbaker27May 17, 2017

As a person who held stake public affairs callings in three stakes, I enjoyed cultivating quite a bit of interfaith work. Consistency is very important in any of this. So.... specifically as to the statement "It is a very good idea to have been kept in this public affairs role for 17 years because relationships are built slowly" it is totally true. The outside world - persons, positions, clergy - don't particularly adjust to frequent changes in LDS callings in the way we LDS do.

AlecMay 17, 2017

I am in awe of those who have worked so hard and so well, so consistently and so patiently, to allow the Lord to bring a temple to France. Miracles happen in and near temples, perhaps because temples encourage us to be more accepting of the Lord and His work in our lives. May this temple bless the good people of France on both sides of the veil.

R. BiddulphMay 17, 2017

Bro. Calmels could have responded to the "national organization"; Baptism for the dead was practiced for the first two or three centuries as recorded in Nag Hammadi scriptures: When Corinthians and Galatians “die before being baptized, others are baptized in their name, so that when they rise in the resurrection they may not pay the penalty of not having received baptism” Epiphanius, Bishop of Salamis Also practiced by Marcionites, an early Roman Christian group, Orthodox Christian groups, Coptics, and Ethiopian Christians, but most groups discontinued baptism for the dead during the Second or Third Centuries.

Carol RadmallMay 17, 2017

You forgot to mention the gorgeous "Joan of Arc" movie that Brigham Young University did about 2 years ago that was amazing! I watched the movie several times it was so beautiful and so informative and done in France! This movie must have really touched the hearts of the french people! I also loved reading this article on all the miracles that took place to bring such a successful Open House! I've looked at the pictures of the temple and it is breathtakingly beautiful! I only wish I could go in person! It gives me hope for a better world! I have a lot of french heritage my last name use to be Voisin ~ which means neighbor! May missionary work grow in abundance!

Sal LucaMay 17, 2017

Wonderful information why visitors or business executives do not believe in religion. A dear friend of mine had been a 25 year business executive to Paris and now does not want to talk about religion. Thank you for this beautiful article about the Paris France Temple. God is in control and He will be with His Spirit Sons and Daughters as long as they believe by Faith in Him.

SandyMay 17, 2017

Thank you for an excellent article. I appreciate your deep and thoughtful insights into the French traditions and responses to the new temple.

Lorraine QMay 17, 2017

As a missionary from the former Switzerland-Geneva Mission, I rejoice with our French brothers and sisters. May the Spirit flood that grand nation.

MauriceMay 17, 2017

this is a most moving and inspirational article. It lifts my hope for a better world. Thanks.



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