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March 27, 2023

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Carol AnnApril 4, 2017

This story brings back the memory of having gone through the very same ordeal with our son who was 15 years old at the time 27 years ago.. After several days of suffering, a skilled surgeon diagnosed the very same ailment and performed surgery to dig out the infection (staph) on his lower leg, exposing the bone so it could heal from the inside out. Our son was in unbearable pain even with the blessing of modern medicine, but was also threatened to lose his leg if it did not heal properly. Joseph's story of courage at the time gave us courage to endure along with several Priesthood blessings. It took a whole summer to heal that leg. At home, I administered 1,000 ml of strong antibiotics intravenously daily and cleaned his open wound with sterile instruments daily for weeks until it finally healed. Today years later, his ankle clicks when he turns it, but otherwise, our son was miraculously healed! When I look at the crude instruments of Joseph's operation, I cringe. The Lord was with Joseph and his family, for sure!



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