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With today being the 13th day for “Light the World” why not give a book to someone you admire.  It could be a teacher, a boss or even a member of your bishopric.  Inscribe on the inside cover what it is you admire about them.  Let them know about your appreciation.  Books make wonderful gifts.  The following books are great for all ages, unless otherwise indicated.  While the gift of time and service is perhaps the best, books have to be the next best thing to give.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: The Illustrated Edition,by J. K. Rowling, and gorgeously illustrated by Jim Kay, is the fourth book in this illustrated series.  Kay illustrated the other three books and his excellence continues here.  This oversized book showcases some of the extraordinary events on a full page, and sometimes on a double-page, and in glorious color.

You are Home: An Ode to the National Parks, by Evan Turk, celebrates the breathtaking beauty of our country’s major parks in full-page, and sometimes double-page, splendor.  The art, rendered in pastel on black paper, showcases parks that include Zion, Mesa Verde, Yellowstone and Glacier.  The text is simple, yet powerful, in describing these spectacular parks rich in their variety.

Doctor Dolittle: The Complete Collection Volume 1, by Hugh Lofting, is a combination of the first three adventures all compiled into one book.  The first book, The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle, begins the adventure and this book won the coveted Newbery award.  It begins with the doctor and his assistant in search of a naturalist.  This was when they came upon a most talked about creature of all time: The Great Glass Sea Snail.  Through this story, you learn how the doctor began to learn the language of animals.  The other two adventures in this volume are The Story of Doctor Dolittle and Doctor Dolittle’s Post Office.  There are also three other volumes recently published completing the collection.

Believe: A Pop-Up Book of Possibilities, by Robert Sabuda, is a beautiful book with Sabuda’s intricate pop-ups that jump out on every pop-up page.  This book is richly and completely done in white.  The subject is all about believing in your potential with text matching the pop-ups which includes tall trees, birds that seem to almost fly away and ultimately ending in a rocket blasting off.  Robert Sabuda is one of the most gifted paper engineers in this industry and this book will likely motivate all who open each page.

Pop-Up Jungle, by Ingela P. Arrhemius, and My First Pop-Up Dinosaurs, by Owen Daley, are pop-up books made for young children, ages two through five.  Finally, pop-up books that youngsters can handle and turn pages without ripping the delicate pop-ups.  Both books are made with sturdy card stock but still have a pop-up design.  Both books are leveled for the interests of children at this age and can be read over and over without damage.

Snackable Science Experiments: 60 Edible Tests to Try and Taste, by Emma Vanstone, is a wonderful assortment of interesting experiments that kids will enjoy testing and tasting.  The photographs alone (of every experiment) will surely motivate youngsters to desire to put together the ingredients to see and taste the outcome.  Plus, there is much to learn along the way. Some of these experiments include inflating a balloon with baking powder, creating a candy DNA model and making extremely strong gingerbread houses.  Some of the experiments are rather easy and others take more time.  There is a nice variety and with much to learn.  However, all require adult supervision which makes this a fun family activity.

Easy Paper Projects: 60 Crafts You Can Wear, Gift, Use and Admire,by Maggy Woodley, is the perfect activity book during these long dark and cold winter months!  This book is packed with fun and easy to follow activities.  The instructions are laid out in a simple format and the photographs and design of every project is bright and inventive.  Some of the actives include holiday crafts, colorful bookmarks and bright paper bracelets.

Maker Genius: 50+ Home Science Experiments,published by Scholastic, is the perfect gift for those budding scientists that continually wonder “what would happen if…”  This well photographed and illustrated book helps the young scientist explore, test, retest and go through all the motions real scientists do every time they are searching for an anomaly or an answer to questions posed.  Some of the experiments include making circuits and creating instruments to make a sound.

The Art and Making of The Lion King, by Michael Goldman, is a stunning over-sized book filled with pictures, drawings and photographs of Africa and its animals.  The actual animals that were the key components in the movie are shown in this book displaying how they were accurately drawn for the movie. So much work went into the movie by filmographers in order to not only draw the key animals in the movie but to also film the animals to get their movements digitally correct.  This is a book you can pour over again and again and still learn and see more.  This is a perfect book for the coffee table.

The Art of Disney Costuming: Heroes, Villains, and Spaces Between, by Jeff Kurtz, along with Walt Disney Archives, is another over-sized book filled with authentic costumes from present movies back to the Disney classics.  This book is a feast rich with photographs and fascinating background information that will surely enlighten all who have seen the movies on display in the book.  There is an interesting section on the changes made to Cinderella’s dress over the years.  The photographs and insight to these changes seem to directly reflect culture throughout these many years since it was first introduced back in 1950.