I was interviewed today.  Utah Valley Magazine has been around ten years and they asked if they could do an article on me for the November/December edition.  The writer was kind enough to come up to Scotshaven to do the interview and as I reflect on our time together I realize something about myself.  I talk to much.

I don’t mean just a little bit over the top, to much…I mean I TALK TOO MUCH!!!   I’m like one of those old guys that tells so many side-bar stories that remind him of other side-bar stories that he can’t quite remember what the original question was.   Only I’m worse than that.  I talk too much.   I believe that in the jargon dictionary next to the expression : Too Much Information there’s a picture of me.

Why is this?  I’m sure my therapist of the last twenty years could fill you in, but I’m just asking:  Why do I feel that I need to share SOOOOOOOO much when basically so little was required.

You know that expression, “less is more”?   Don’t think I get that concept.  It my case it’s like, “More is not quite enough” (was there ever a Bond movie with that title?)

Is it because I think what I have to say is really that fascinating, OR I believe that if I keep talking long enough I’ll find a way to make it SOUND like I’m fascinating.   I don’t know why, but it’s the truth.  I talk to much.

You know what it might be?   Maybe it’s an extension of the way I process EVERYTHING I experience as a writer.  I overwrite and then try to make sense of the deluge in the re-write and edit.  In the case of the interview I’m just verbally overwriting (ad nauseum) and burdening the interviewer  with the re-write and the edit.  I’m going to pretend that makes perfect sense…and just shut up.

For now.