First day of Forgotten Carols rehearsals and I’m a happy guy.  Reunited with great friends anticipating the best season ever and already having way too much fun.  As we reviewed the blocking of the show and looked for better ways to bring the story to life we found some really fun stuff that’s been buried in the script for several years but now seems to be surfacing.  Can’t wait to share the discoveries with audiences on the tour.

Just before we got to work this morning the cast received gifts:  A copy of the new Forgotten Carols illustrated book, “A Christmas Miracle for Isaac and Eliza” and an all cotton throw/blanket with the Forgotten Carols logo on it.  Not only does it look great and VERY festive but I’ve already wrapped myself up in it in anticipation of winter movie nights at McLean Cinemas.

During rehearsal today I was infused with a spirit of deep gratitude.  How lucky am I to be able to spend the holiday season with so many wonderful people telling a story that means so much to me.  During the Shepherd song I sing the line “…but there was something magic in the air, that made me feel as if I had been there”   I felt the magic today, rehearsing in the same room that I first presented The Forgotten Carols to my family and some friends back in 1991.  I was thirty-nine and was hoping a modest one-man show of The Forgotten Carols with a regional back-up choir would help promote my new Christmas story and songs.  The show has certainly evolved over the last nineteen years, but at its core, the story’s still the same and from what I felt today it still allows me to feel the magic in the air.  If that’s not a M2B:) moment I don’t know what is.