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BillionGraves is sponsoring its 6th annual Million More in May Competition to add one million gravestone images and one million transcribed records to the BillionGraves database in the month of May.

What is BillionGraves?


  • BillionGraves is a free website to look up headstone photos from around the world. It is the world’s largest GPS cemetery database.
  • Volunteers use smartphones to take GPS tagged photos of headstones.
  • Photos are uploaded to the BillionGraves website. Photos are transcribed by volunteers.
  • Photos can be easily accessed for research online.

How do you participate in the competition?

It’s easy and free to participate. You can take photos of headstones in cemeteries near you with your mobile device or you can transcribe photos that others have taken and make them searchable on the site. The ultimate goal is to preserve and document over one million headstones from around the world in just one month!

How does the competition work?

MillionMore1Upload photos and complete transcriptions to earn points. BillionGraves offers prizes for people who reach certain point levels throughout the month of May. The more points you earn, the better the prize. Read more about how the competition works.