Choosing Movies from the Lord’s Side of the Line
By Larry Richman

A friend of mine, Steven K. Jones, has compiled The Good List: Using Movies From the Lord’s Side of the Line  and has agreed to share it with others.

The list was compiled considering the following counsel from George Albert Smith: “All safety, all righteousness, all happiness are on the Lord’s side of the line . . . All that enriches our lives and prepares us for eternal joy is on the Lord’s side of the line” (Conference Report, Oct. 1949, 5-6).

Key quotes, ideas, principles, and scriptures are provided for most of the movies on the list. These “keys” unlock the principal messages in the films and provide a basis for discussing the stories together as a family.

The first 2 pages of the list give ideas and guidelines to parents on how to make wise media choices. Steve suggests that parents do the following:

  1. Hold family councils to decide what your media standards are going to be.
  2. Spend enough quality time with your children that you are the main influence in their lives.
  3. Make good media choices yourself and set the example.
  4. Limit the amount of time your children watch TV or play video games or use the Internet.
  5. Use Internet filters.
  6. Locate computers and TVs in much used common rooms.
  7. Take time to watch appropriate media with your children and discuss with them how to make  choices that will uplift and build rather than degrade and destroy.

To find more information about a movie you are considering, you may want to use the following sources:

  • Internet Movie Database  ( By far the most comprehensive database anywhere, including user comments, user ratings, memorable quotes, and external reviews.
  • Decent Films  ( Movies reviewed from a moral standpoint. Rates them on recommendability, artistic and entertainment value, moral and spiritual value, and audience.
  • Christian Spotlight at the Movies  ( Gives helpful reviews and moral guidelines. Occasionally reviews are not in harmony with Church standards.
  • Screen It! ( Provides detailed reviews and cautions for parents on the content of movies. Some sections are free.


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