Mark Albright is the president of the Washington DC South mission and shares these missionary stories with Meridian Magazine.  This letter comes from Elder Church of the mission.   

If you want to share a missionary story, send it to President Albright by clicking on the “email author button” by the title of the article. Please note the names of new converts and investigators may be changed to maintain privacy.


Dear President Albright,

We first met Blake on September 5th. Elder Gubeli and I were sitting in sacrament meeting at the Centreville Stake Center when we saw a tall man stroll into the chapel in basketball shorts and a T-shirt.  He came in right after the sacrament so we did not have a chance to talk with him before the meeting started.  It was a testimony meeting and we watched as Blake soaked in what was being said.  There were a couple minutes left in the meeting when we saw Blake stand up. 

We thought he was probably just going to let someone through the isle.  But we were oh so wrong. He walked slowly but surely up to the pulpit!  He delivered a simple and humble testimony about the beautiful Spirit he felt in the chapel and how much he had enjoyed the members sharing their testimonies.  The meeting closed and we jumped up and introduced ourselves!  We led him to Sunday School and scheduled a lesson for that evening. 


Blake told us that as he went door to door as a salesman in the area, the LDS members kept inviting him to attend the LDS church meetings here at the Stake Center.  Two families on one street both convinced him he should investigate the Mormon church.  Blake’s dress quickly went from gym clothes to a shirt and tie with polished shoes.  His countenance followed the same transformation.  Blake became the newest member of our church yesterday Nov. 19th.  What a blessing it was for me to be a witness of this miracle!


Elder Church